Medicare Advantage vital

At a time when much is changing in health care, the Medicare Advantage program should stay the same.

My wife and I, and millions of other seniors, rely on our Medicare Advantage plans. potential funding cuts to the program could force us to pay more than we can afford. We have Advantage plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield, and we have been pleased with the services we have received. Our premiums are reasonable and we are happy to currently have such good service.

Ashland has been my home for 35 years. Many doctors in this area accept our plan, but changes to Medicare Advantage may cause doctors to drop out of the program. My health plan allows me to go to any doctor I want for my yearly physicals and routine checkups. I don't have any out-of-pocket costs for these visits. My wife is also able to get her blood pressure medication at a reasonable cost. However, if funding cuts are made to the Medicare Advantage program, I am afraid I would not be able to afford the insurance coverage I need.

We are on a fixed income, so I would prefer it if our insurance rates stop increasing. The government shouldn't jeopardize our health care options by carelessly cutting funding from essential programs. The Medicare Advantage program is working well, and many seniors depend on it. Thankfully, Rep. Greg Walden is standing up for seniors by doing his part to safeguard Medicare Advantage from cuts in 2017.

Robert L. Nichols