Patients are at risk

I am a therapist on the adult outpatient team at Jackson County Mental Health. I am writing out of concern for the welfare of the more than 60,000 residents on the Oregon Health Plan in Jackson County who are caught in the current upheaval in mental health services in the county.

Your article in Monday's paper: “AllCare: Not enough patients received care” is a one-sided headline and one-sided article. The Tribune should be playing a critical role in getting to the bottom of the facts in this major and local social issue and reporting those to the public.

Serious questions should be raised and investigate about motives in this controversy, when one of the major players is a for-profit business. For example,

Whose numbers regarding quality, costs and amount of service provided by JCMH are correct?
Where are the numbers to back AllCare and Options’ claim that JCMH should be able to provide the same level of services for a third less than the current budget?
How can Columbia Care and Options, who until very recently had no presence in Jackson County as mental health care providers, in a very short time frame, create the equivalent of JCMH’s level of services, which have taken years of work to build?
What are the motives for these radical moves, which are putting in disarray, if not serious jeopardy, the mental health of a vulnerable and large segment of Jackson County’s population?

Coverage of the most important local social issue needs to go deeper — immediately — before it is too late.

Anne Beaufort, LPC intern