Pave streets now

Public Works plans to pave several other streets before fixing Hersey. The rationale is that Hersey is so far gone that it will have to be torn up and rebuilt. Other streets will be repaved first to prevent them from becoming another Hersey. Then Hersey will be rebuilt.

Now Public Works wants to spend upwards of $4.4 million to build a bridge over Bear Creek at East Nevada. A bridge that has not been justified, nor is it favored by the people who have looked at the project — except developers, of course.

A lot of streets can be fixed for $4.4 million. Never mind how Public Works allowed Hersey to degrade to its current condition. Let the paving of existing streets begin!

Spike Breon


Purpose vs. tool

High school teacher Paul Huard is to be commended for his series of tips for young people, but he and our senior senator would do well to brush up on constitutional history and principles.

In the Tidings of Feb. 28, Huard approvingly quotes Sen. Ron Wyden stating that the Founding Fathers intended the United States to be a representative democracy. No. They intended and the Constitution created a republic that contains democratic elements.

The primary purpose of the government is to secure liberty. Democracy is one of the tools to achieve that, not itself a purpose. Check the Preamble and structure of the government created by the Constitution.

John Ames


The bridge of asininity

The Presidunce is even now soliciting bids for constructing the bridge of asininity.

Aside from being utterly foolish, this would involve many billions, which, if Congress approves, means no money left for needed infrastructure projects, like repair and maintenance (roads, bridges, dams, water systems) or modernization (high-speed rail, stronger power grid, renewable energy, maybe even some nuclear), as well as a lot of other very worthy programs.

So be nervous, Trump supporters. In fact, be afraid.

T. Gunn