District system would be better

In response to Jim Wolf-Pizor ("Elect council at large," Feb. 8), a few things need to be pointed out. The reason that 14 people ran for one City Council seat is that only the City Council itself needed to be lobbied, not the entire city electorate. It's a "doable thing."

I doubt that Ashland has ever had a shortage of people interested in public office, but since the council is elected at large it means that candidates literally need to campaign the entire city in order to compete in an election. That is a daunting prospect; many might even consider it insurmountable.

Instead of continuing to endure sparsely populated City Council ballots every election, a better solution would be to change the city charter over to a district system for the City Council. It’s a better alternative.

Obviously, a candidate only needs to canvass a specific area of town during an election. This contains costs and attracts candidates, often with much knowledge regarding their own part of town. Accordingly, incumbents assume stewardship for their district and can quickly respond to constituent concerns.

In addition, the district system assures parity among the different parts of town in terms of council actions. A spirit of cooperation exists when all parties have the potential to gain empathy and help each other out. All parts of town can potentially receive equal attention and fair resource allocation.

For sure, our election process needs correction. From my experience, the district system is the way to go.

Andrew Kubik


'Eleanor' superb

I had the privilege of attending ACT's superb production of "Eleanor Roosevelt, Her Secret Journey" last Friday.

Cynthia Tank's performance was graceful, earnest and imbued with the poetry of the spoken word. It struck just the right note in these troubling times.

One would expect no less from ACT, which seems to specialize in these historical biographies. "Red," about Mark Rothko last year, was equally good, and I was impressed by "Freud's Last Session" the year before.

Jeannine Grizzard is to be commended for her vision and seamless directing skills. Presenting "Eleanor" was a true community service from the community theater.

Marthe Larson