Sickening contrast

So Presidoltus Ignoramus has ordered his keystone kops to swoop down on an Arizona madre, put her in a vehicle while her family watches, then drive her to the border and dump her in Mexico?

Perhaps because of her not knowing years ago how serious was her crime of fudging a Social Security number? I wonder if she could speak any English at that time. Or might she have been part of that crowd of killers, rapists and drug dealers that the Presiliar warned us about?

Meanwhile, that same liar in chief and his rumor-mongering Gen. Flynn have quite possibly, through their conniving with comrade Putin, gotten themselves into a situation that has the stench of treason.

The contrast is sickening.

T. Gunn


Disappointed in verdict

Having been in court for both days of Keely Meagan’s trial for stopping to observe a police encounter between a black driver and a couple of white policemen, I am very disappointed in the guilty verdict.

Apparently, the judge ruled on the fact that all parties were not in a safe location. However, the policeman that made the initial stop did so even closer to the off ramp and then, without a request for backup, another policeman decided to join the group. All three of these vehicles were parked on the shoulder before Meagan arrived on the scene.

The first policeman should have directed the driver to a safer location away from the off ramp to make the stop. And why was he stopped in the first place? Was he driving erratically or was it just that he was “driving black?” He passed a field sobriety test and after his car was towed for not having current insurance, was allowed to walk away.

Was another policeman really needed at the scene which, by the policeman’s own admission, was a dangerous place to stop? Why was the car towed for lack of insurance? Apparently that’s an option the police have, but no one I talked with afterward in the court lobby had heard of this; a warning and subsequent proof of insurance is what most remembered being required.

Keely Meagan’s trial was a lesson in what is allowed in Oregon to encourage good behavior by everyone in police encounters. It’s OK to observe and video. If you stop on the freeway, be sure to park well away from the flow of traffic and not within 1,000 ft. of an off-ramp (even if the police do!). Be sure to put on your hazard lights (Meagan did that without being told). And if you still get cited, have the courage to stand your ground and go to court and even get found guilty.

Claudia Little