Support the dialogue

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” — Rumi

Let us drop our opinions and move to that rich field beyond right and wrong. There have been numerous community responses to the conflict between Shakespeare Books owner Judi Honoré and OSF in the past months. Some have taken sides, disputed facts and blamed the other. Such responses do not point toward an atmosphere of peace. There have also been numerous responses urging a mediated conversation between the parties. Unfortunately, who said what first about a mediated dialogue has become another conflict.

The most healing support a community can offer is to urge the parties to meet in that field of which Rumi speaks so wisely. There is an opportunity waiting here for new and deeper understanding of the relationships amongst all members of our community. The whole field (and I don’t mean green grass) will be enhanced with an appreciation that, though we often have similar values, we express them differently. This understanding could affect everyone concerned. Let’s support this dialogue between Honoré and OSF to happen as soon as possible.

Carol Hwoschinsky


Media spin

Thank you, Kate Wolf-Pizor, for your astute assessment on the effects on our community of the simplistic reporting of the bookstore issue by the Tidings. Has there yet been an article on this topic that included remarks of people of color? The ironic placement of your letter next to Chris Honore's well-written commentary on "Is it possible Trump could win?", highlights how media spin can affect readers' viewpoint.

Elizabeth Fairchild


Health care for all

Here is my 2016 Affordable Care Act story. I am retired but not old enough for Medicare. I have limited income and diminishing savings. Maybe you’ve heard an under-insurance tale of this sort.

In addition to the premium, I have paid about $1,000 for doctor visits this year while insurance pays nothing toward them. I am hard of hearing and have already spent $1,500 this year for hearing loss screening. I still don’t have a hearing aid because I can’t afford one, as the expense would be entirely out-of-pocket.

My ACA-required insurance plan does not cover any dental because I can’t afford the $40- to $60-a-month premium for minimal dental coverage. So far I have spent $2,500 out of pocket for dental expenses in 2016.

Ashland voters: in November, vote yes on Ballot Measure 15-154 for significant improvement in Oregon’s health care system. We need affordable and accessible healthcare for all!

Wes Brain


Trump's history

In the NBC forum, Donald Trump argued that his experience in business prepares him for commander in chief. But Trump’s business history involves bankruptcies that compromise associates, outsourcing jobs overseas and cheating workers out of salaries. Can the United States afford to go bankrupt and cheat other nations in the quest to be “great again” without negative consequences?

Trump’s identified foreign policy principle is to rape, pillage and plunder the world and its peoples to obtain the resources that the U.S. needs. It’s difficult to imagine how he thinks this will enhance respect for the U.S.

Trump’s attempt to pivot toward reason reveals that he is still an ignoramus and a buffoon with no understanding of anything besides that which glorifies Donald J. Trump and leads to personal gain.

It is frightening to hear Trump insult the military leaders that serve our country with such ability, dignity and competence .

Paula Perez Costas