An age discrimination filed by a former part-time Senior Center employee has been dismissed by Bureau of Labor and Industries due to lack of substantial evidence, a BOLI spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

Dorothy Parsons, a former part-time employee at the Senior Center, filed a complaint in December alleging she was discriminated against by Ashland Parks and Recreation and terminated because of her age, according to documents obtained by the Tidings.

According to a two-page memo sent to the Tidings Tuesday, a BOLI investigator noted that "(Parsons) in her own words described her resignation as a protest" and that there's no need of further investigation.

The Tidings reported in January that parks Director Michael Black denied the allegation, saying he "didn't fire anybody." The Tidings also reported that Parsons, along with three other part-time Senior Center employees, handed in their resignation letters to the city on Aug. 30 and "resigned en masse in support of our program director."

Parsons' claim is one of several actions taken against Parks and Recreation Commission after it voted to effectively dismiss the former manager of the Senior Center, Chris Dodson, in August.

Dodson sent a tort claim notice to the city in January alleging she was wrongfully terminated. Most recently, an effort to recall three commissioners was successfully gathered enough signatures from Ashland voters to initiate a special election set to take place in March.

City Attorney David Lohman declined to comment on the dismissal of Parsons' claim. He said the city hasn't gotten any other notice regarding Dodson's allegation.

Parks Commissioner Jim Lewis told the Tidings he has filed a complaint against the recall petitioners for allegedly using false statements to solicit signatures for the recall efforts.

Parsons couldn't immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

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