Mt. Ashland Ski Area could be open for the weekend, General Manager Hiram Towle announced in an email Saturday, noting that a parade of storms is lined up to produce moderate, but consistent snowfall over the next week.

Estimates put the total snowfall amount at 23-34 inches by Thursday, Jan. 25, which would enough for the ski area to open, but Towle said that will more likely happen Friday or Saturday so the ski area crew has time to set up the mountain.

Once the snow arrives, workers will get busy setting up lifts, installing miles of boundary ropes, and putting up safety signage and markings ready for skiiers.

"Our team is poised and ready to act as soon as the snowpack supports getting around the mountain safely," Towle said. "Once we call for an official opening, we will announce which lifts will be open, and we will have all services available. Rentals, lessons, retail shop, the T-Bar, and the Granite Grill will all be fully open for business. Night skiing will be considered for the following week if the conditions allow."

When opening day does come, it will be celebrated as "Day Onseie." Anyone who shows up wearing a onesie (a one-piece ski outfit or costume) can buy ski tickets for $25. Season pass holders are also encouraged to join in the fun and dress up to celebrate.