The Ashland Chamber values providing educational resources to our business community. Whether the topic is on business trends, legislative updates, or communitywide issues, the Ashland Chamber takes an educational approach to provide information on these important concepts and ideas. For business development, the Ashland Chamber has an active Business Education Series, in partnership with the city of Ashland, to support and grow Ashland’s economy.

The goal of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce’ Business Education Series is to help local businesses expand, overcome obstacles, stimulate investment in the community, create connections for new businesses and encourage entrepreneurial development.

Throughout 2018, the Ashland Chamber will be providing monthly workshops as a part of the Business Education Series. Topics will include new employment-related state programs, business emergency preparedness and resiliency, social media and trends in marketing and financial management tools.

The series kicks off on Wednesday, Jan. 17, with information on the new OregonSaves Program, which creates an IRA account for workers in Oregon who do not have a retirement savings plan managed through their employer.

The program was piloted in 2017 and has already started enrolling businesses based on number of employees. On Jan. 17, a member from the OregonSaves program will provide important information about how to access the OregonSaves information, facilitate the registration of employees and share best practices gleaned from the pilot program. The program coordinator will also share the timeline and schedule for how businesses will be integrated into the program based on number of employees and provide information if you would like to start the program early.

Representatives from Mt. Ashland will present as well. Mt. Ashland was a part of the OregonSaves pilot program and will be at the workshop to provide a local perspective and best practices they gleaned.

On Feb. 21, the second workshop is a partnership with Ashland Fire & Rescue, The Nature Conservancy Fire Learning Network and the U.S. Forest Service, on Business Resiliency and Smoke Preparedness.

As with all Ashland Chamber educational opportunities, these workshops are available to all businesses, Ashland Chamber members and non-members alike. Workshops will be held at the Ashland Community Center on Winburn Way and will vary in time of day. For details on all workshops and to register go to

Providing businesses with resources, education and opportunities for promotion so that they can thrive is the basis to the mission of the Ashland Chamber. With the Business Education Series, partnering with the city of Ashland, we look forward to an informative and prosperous 2018 for our business community.

— Dana Preston is membership and business development director for the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. For more information, go to, call 541-482-3486 or stop by the office at 110 East Main St.