The city of Ashland is looking for a successor for its longtime spokeswoman and management analyst, Ann Seltzer, as she will soon retire from her post.

The job, posted on the city’s website Jan. 4 and open until Jan. 19, will be an upper management position. The job pays between $66,969 and $81,399 annually, plus benefits, according to the job posting.

Seltzer’s successor will manage public outreach, monitor social media and serve as the city's main public information officer, city Administrator John Karns said.

A good handle on social media and understanding of local government will be features high up on the priority list in the hiring process, Karns said.

“We’re not doing a good job with social media — we have them, but we don’t respond to the comments on those,” Karns said.

He added the position will be crucial to prevent miscommunication in cases such as the Senior Center during the transition phase that resulted in the lay off of the manager of the center and an continuing uproar from the community.

Karns said the city is also in need of overhauling its communication plan — one of the projects the new spokesperson will take on.

“The city is not marketing itself well enough, at least in my time here,” Karns said. “We are doing quite a bit, and we don’t let people know as much.”

Other responsibilities listed include coordinating meetings and public events; reviewing laws, regulations and pending legislation for impact on city programs; assisting in addressing issues; and attending City Council and department meetings.

Seltzer, who has been working part time after announcing her intent to retire, took on many active roles within City Hall to help facilitate projects among departments, Karns said. She was most recently the liaison between the city and Public Art Commission when the public art project for the Gateway Island turned controversial throughout 2015 and 2016.

Seltzer couldn’t be reached before press time.

There has been interest in the job from at least one City Hall employee, Karns said, but he believes the city will receive more applications before the deadline.

“I think we will get back pretty good response,” Karns said. “It’s paid well and an opportunity to get your name out there.”

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