Jan. 2, 1918


 As the result of being struck by the automobile driven by A. Conro Fiero a few minutes after 6 o'clock Monday evening on the Pacific highway near Central Point. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Myers are patients at the Sacred Heart hospital, the former with a fractured skull and with even chances for recover and the latter suffering from shock.

The accident occurred within 150 yards of the main street in Central Point and investigation as to its cause holds Mr. Fiero blameless.

He was driving from Medford to his home and had slowed down to ten or twelve miles an hour to make the turn into Central Point. Blinded by the glare of an approaching Ford, whose lights were undimmed, he did not see Mr. and Mrs. Myers until close upon them. Fiero turned sharply to avoid running over the pedestrians and collided with the approaching Ford, driven by Mr. Minard of Medford, the impact hurling his car so as to strike both Mr. and Mrs. Myers and hurl them into the ditch, while Mr. Buckmaster, who was a passenger in the Minard car, was thrown thru the windshield, sustaining cuts and bruises. Neither Mr. Fiero, his wife, nor Miss Emily Fiero, who were in the car with him, were injured.

Mr. Fiero stopped his car within forty feet of the scene of the accident and aided in picking up the injured people, who were taken to Faber's drug store and Dr. Charles T Sweeny of Medford was summoned to care for their injuries, after which the were removed to Sacred Heart hospital. Up to this afternoon Mr. Myers was still unconscious and his condition is critical, although in a general way he had improved this morning.

While Mrs. Myers condition is not serious, she is quite ill with shock and from lying in a pool of water for some time after the accident before she was found. She had been in poor health for some time past and suffering with nervousness.

Fiero had Warner lenses on his headlights and it is thought that the Myers' were blinded by the brighter lights of the approaching Minard car and did not notice the Fiero car coming from behind. They were occupying a half of the paved road, although there was a cement sidewalk along-side.