A wasted investment

If the title of the forthcoming “Threshold” sculpture is appropriate, it may be to describe the point at which someone has to speak up and question government competence in selecting public art. If the image on the cover of Friday’s Daily Tidings doesn’t tell the story, this will: The city commission responsible for this choice did not chose the sculpture, they chose the sculptor.

When it was pointed out that the computer-generated image of the first proposed sculpture could not hold up its own weight, let alone that of people inevitably drawn to climb on it, rather than re-open the selection process, the city merely requested and accepted another proposal from the same incompetent sculptor. The wreckage hoisted in Gateway Island will stand as a monument to this failed process, and the $100,000 wasted on it.

Dan Fellman


More classes sought

We were delighted to see the article in the Dec. 16 Tidings, celebrating the exciting and diverse offerings available to OLLI students here in the southern Rogue Valley as well as highlighting some of our many enthusiastic instructors.

As the chair of the volunteer Curriculum Committee, however, I want to clarify that the window for course proposals which closes on Dec. 31 applies only to classes for Spring term 2018. The window for proposals for Fall 2018 runs from May 1 to May 31. We are always seeking new instructors who want to share their interests and passions with our students, and hope that your article may encourage readers to think about offering a class.

The only thing more fun than taking OLLI classes is teaching them, because OLLI teachers are in the enviable position of working with people who are there because they want to learn. Thanks again for getting the word out.

Susan St​itham

OLLI Curriculum Committee

Seniors videotaped

"Anything goes" once was just a song, now it is the new norm of malfeasance infecting our country and currently our beloved Ashland.

The excessive videotaping of seniors at Ashland Senior Center by the Parks and Recreation staff there has become part of the new norm. Participation by seniors in projects and festive gatherings are being overly videotaped, without permission, without explanation of purpose. The activities themselves, as well as the seniors, seem to be props for showing Ashland Parks & Rec's friendly facade, masking their discordant behavior, deep-set ambition and deliberate mishandling of the center. This type of conduct defies the ethical values of our society, sidesteps basic human rights and allows the spurious treatment of people, seniors in this case, to go unchecked.

Whether or not you believe in the present senior issues, such mentality and total disrespect for elders in our community have the active potential of alighting upon you as well in the future, whatever your age, encroaching upon your rights as a citizen, invading your privacy, and monitoring your events that previously were a source of light and hope.

Dear people of Ashland, be a part of the light and hope for the senior citizens, consider our recall measure. Remember us. We remember you.

Theresa Greer