Picture this: You’re tired or sick or don’t know how to cook, or maybe just lazy. You want a good, healthy, organic meal and you want it to be cheaper than a restaurant. You want it to meet all your dietary restrictions around gluten, paleo, GMO, vegan or not. Ideally, you want it to magically appear in a frying pan, already cooked, for you to heat up and eat.

Kara Miller, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with Ashland’s Jade Mountain Medicine, has decided to prepare just such food, using her 20 years experience in health and nutrition to deliver it to your door every Monday. She calls it Kung Food.

“At first, it was patients and friends asking me to cook for them, even though I’m not a gourmet chef and have never worked in a restaurant,” says Miller. “It’s not a prepared meal, like lasagne or soup. It’s what I call a meal system. You can just warm it up or you can put eggs on it or make your own pasta dish.”

Customers can go online and order from the eight food groups: meat, mixed veggies, super greens, potato or other starch, grains, legumes and bone broth.

The food is paid for online through PayPal or credit card and delivered by Miller in Ashland (soon Talent) every Monday, in pint or quart jars. She hands them off to clients or leaves them in a cooler. The jars are returned to her each week.

Her detailed website, https://kungfoodkitchen.com, describes the ingredients and promises all organic, with grass-fed, free-range meats, fresh, local as possible and “mindfully prepared,” not even cooking two vegetables together in one pan, so to preserve the flavor and qualities of each.

She also listed ingredients “never” used, including over-cooked oils, sugar, onion, garlic, dairy, corn, wheat or soy. Those can be added at home, she says, by those who prefer them.

Bone broth is a fast-rising health food, she says on her website:

“Jade Tonics are bone broths that have been fortified with traditional Chinese herbal formulas. We cook the herbal formulas in the traditional method, then gently blend them with the freshly made bone broth for an amazing power packed beverage! They are formulated to be tasty enough to sip right out of your mug, but are also delicious as a base for soups and stews, or for cooking grains.”

Using the online menu, customers can mix-and-match pints and quarts, starting at $8 a jar and climbing to as much as $38 for a meal with 1.5 pounds of meat. She says she has tried to price the meals "for the working man or woman.”

Miller says she works to keep it cheaper than delis or restaurants and performs all the steps — “except I can’t put it in your frying pan.”