Nick Rementeria, bar manager at Loft restaurant on Calle Guanajuato in Ashland, has qualified for the Bacardi Legacy Semifinals in Portland on Monday, Dec. 4. Bacardi Legacy is Bacardi’s international quest to find their new signature cocktail, with eight semifinal competitions within the United States.

Bacardi Legacy is a globally renowned cocktail competition. Entries had to include only 1.5 oz of alcohol and have a maximum of six ingredients to ensure that bartenders around the world could easily replicate the drink.

Rementeria’s qualifying cocktail is called "Golden Years." It includes Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, lime juice, vanilla, allspice liqueur, orange bitters and mole bitters. The vanilla, allspice, and mole all blend beautifully to contrast the brightness of the citrus, all against the backdrop of the light and nutty flavor of Bacardi Carta Blanca. The name of the drink was inspired by its luminous hue and borrowed from the David Bowie song.

“Daiquiris and cold weather spices are two of my favorite flavors," Rementeria says. "I wanted to create a drink that balances the refreshment of a daiquiri on a hot summer day with the comfort of winter spices. I’m honored to have the opportunity to compete alongside these extremely talented bartenders from some of the best bars in the Northwest.”

The competition will take place at Century Bar in Portland on Monday. The winner of the semifinals will win an educational trip to the Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico and compete in the national finals in Miami in February, followed by the global finals in Mexico City.

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