Local report

Ashland High School speech and debaters Sienna Scoggin and Daniel Noonan won the championship debate at the National Parliamentary Debate Invitational by a 4-1 vote, Nov. 12 at Berkeley, California.

To claim victory, Scoggin and Noonan argued the resolution, "The United States federal government should significantly increase its pressure on the Republic of Turkey to provide reparations for the Armenian genocide."

Scoggin credited attending a summer camp and working with senior Alex Webb (who won junior varsity at NPDI last year) to learn this new debate style.

"It’s helpful how Alex has helped me learn more about a variety of events that I have competed in this year," Scoggin said.

"It is very exciting to see Ashland debaters again in the finals at a big California tournament for the third time in two years," Ashland High speech and debate coach Mat Marr said. 

The trip was organized by Marr and student coordinator Annika Larson. They were assisted by Eliza Haas, parent boosters Candace Doyle, DavidPaul Doyle and Tara Frazier-Rice and AHS speech alums Kelsey Cronin and Ari Falkner.

Also in Berkeley, the National Parliamentary Debate League officially announced that the 2018 parliamentary debate Tournament of Champions will be held at Ashland High School, April 7-8.

"It will be really exciting to have all the great competition from California come up to Oregon for the TOC this spring," said Alex Webb, AHS's student representative to the organization. "I think it’s a great step towards expanding parliamentary debate to other areas."