Butler Bandshell in Lithia Park will be closed from Monday, Nov. 13, until March 2018 for "long overdue repairs, improvements and upgrades," according to the city of Ashland's website.

The bandshell is a popular spot for local band performances and parade activities in Ashland.

The four-month project will address a number of problems, including damaged interior floors, walls and decking. The city will replace and strengthen the rotting wood members, cladding, the failing roofs and interior ceilings. All exterior features on the ceiling, including sound baffles, suspension items and lighting fixtures will also be replaced.

"The project design strives to ensure that the refurbished bandshell will not differ visually from its current condition to the casual observer, although parties that use the interior spaces of the bandshell will notice improvements in space availability and storage conditions," the website reads.

The city said it took input from the Band Board to overcome the "current logistical challenges associated with band performances."