New rains wash old oils out onto pavement and that’s likely a cause of a strange one-car accident on Thornton Way Friday morning.

The car, a Chevy Monte Carlo with California plates, skidded to the right, went over a curb, proceeded about 50 feet down a steep embankment and through a wood fence, finally hitting and lightly damaging a house in the 500 block of Thornton Way in the northwest corner of Ashland.

The driver, who declined to give his name, said he was not injured, but noted the car’s radiator was toast. He said that, heading down a medium-size curve “my car started to fish tail and I couldn’t stop it.”

The vehicle bashed up its front and side and was towed out with no special problems according to the driver for Star Towing.

Patrol officer Jason Daoust of Ashland Police said the first rains after a long dry spell cause oil to “seep up” onto pavement, compounded by the problem that people haven’t driven in rain for months and aren’t used to it.

“It looks like the driver was going too fast for conditions and lost control, with minor damage to the house siding,” said Daoust. “I’m glad he’s fine and the house is not seriously damaged.”