The chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument east of Cave Junction is a six-story, rustic building dating to 1934. It spans a canyon with a stream running through its dining room. Like most old wood buildings, floors creak, the structure groans at night, and the wind whistles outside.

As the tale goes, a honeymooning bride named Elizabeth and her husband booked Room 310 in the 1930s. During the night, the husband left and didn’t return. After Elizabeth found him in a passionate embrace with a chambermaid, she leaped to her death — or was pushed — from the window of her sixth-floor room.

That tale is accompanied by ghost stories. Couples in Room 310 are awakened by the sounds of someone walking in the room or in the hall outside. Employees report the furniture being rearranged, or even placed in the hallway. Guests tell of having unpacked only to return to the room after dinner to find their bags repacked.

Elizabeth’s ghost gets the blame.

Anyone contemplating a stay at the chateau can be assured that there are no official records of any deaths at the Chateau, let alone of a young bride falling out a window.

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