A few weeks ago, Reg Spittle of Ashland donated his bicycle to the Ashland Kiwanis Club. Spittle rode and walked it up the steep hill to Ron Parker’s home, and Ron accepted the donation on behalf of Kiwanis. Since that time, Parker has been trying a find a home for the bike, with the goal of finding a kid who needed a bike to ride to/from school and perhaps to after school projects. With the great help of Steve Retzlaff, Ashland Middle School principal, and especially Abdiaziz Guled, student advocate, the desired home was found.

On Sept. 20, Ron met the recipient. His name is Carlos Torres. Carlos is an eighth-grade student at Ashland Middle School. Carlos’ last bike broke down. He has been walking to/from his home to school, walking behind his little brother who rode his own bike. This was a perfect match — student to bike. The bike is a good fit for him, and gives him the benefit of an 18-speed, which should help him bike around town for quite some time to come.

The Kiwanis wish him many safe miles ahead. To learn more about Kiwanis, call Parker at 541-488-0532, visit ashlandkiwanis.org or the Ashland Kiwanis Facebook page.