Part I was in the Saturday, April 8 Tidings entitled “Peace is Never Piecemeal” and Part II was in the Aug. 22 Tidings with the basic message “stop all theory and search of it and you will surely experience it 'within' as the result of living naturally because nature blesses us as a part and parcel of IT/Whole! We are ONE!”

Here's Part III, so stop the entire search and just celebrate the success of the secret or sacred sojourn!

If we are searching for it outside, as we do commonly, then we fail and returning with empty hands will be the sure result. Through millennia and multitude of generations, we did miss it, because our direction was otherwise and were guided by inexperienced individuals. So beware and it is best to take the reins in our own confident and curious hands. We will have more and sure chances to experience it, if our courage, curiosity and common-sense is in our command correctly.

What hurdles we are facing? Let us throw a ray of light in that direction to find out, why we are not successful in spite of our energetic endeavor for such an eternally long period! Are we ready to gather the strength to go on that untrodden path, as an adventure at least? We have to take that bold and beautiful step and make the decision once for all for this change! As one steps towards correct direction, this completes more than half journey. Then it is not a bad bargain!

First and foremost, remember that ultimately we will see, whatever we were struggling to search for, was never ever lost, but covered by our ever so old conditionings from multiple quarters of well-wishers of various sorts. Like the mighty sun losing its shine and glory by mere water vapor known as clouds, they are really nothing in comparison to the magnificent sun. So it is never possible to lose because IT is the silent presence of Self, the eternal that survives the Birth-Death Cycle. We may call IT our own indestructible, omnipotent, omnipresent Energy, which can never be destroyed. But IT can be transformed easily, which is even confirmed by our ordinary mundane law of physics, which has not even experienced our spirit or soul ever.

IT is beyond the scope of laboratory experiments, as it lies inside the experimenting scientists themselves and not in the test tubes and other gadgets of experiments.

It is important to remember that Inner Peace acts as a jumping board into bottomless abyss of nothingness — No-Thing-ness. To experience our true Reality, which is beyond any or all words, we can describe IT as God or that which is in the true sense all-pervading ubiquitous vibrational energy, which is self-creating, self-propagating to continue the cycle of Creation! It is known as "Leela" in Eastern understanding, which ordinarily means play or drama.

Most importantly, we can count the obstacles easily as under:

1. We are running to compete or command to achieve something and missing what is present. In other words we are either dreaming in the past or future but never remaining in the present. One English poet has rightly said that to experience IT “Just stand and Stare/Look!"

2. Whatever you have, just learn to enjoy and enhance it easily with a playful adventure to add into it, without depending on any outcome and never losing your Peace and contentment and always celebrating, all situations

3. This is possible only when we find who we are, why we are and what the purpose of our being here is. How to find it requires patience to practice regularly — at least to start with — one hour out of our busy schedule of 24 hours, to delve deep into Self by just either watching our breath or watching our mad uncontrollable train of thoughts but without judgment, without suppressing it, but just watching indifferently and impartially. We may call it sitting in silence, watching as a witness playfully with total Awareness! Many call it "Prayer or Meditation.”

Swami Anand Krishna (Dr. Gokul Gokani) is a retired ENT surgeon who has worked in England, India and Africa and has lived in Ashland since 1999. Born in India, he shares the experience of Mediation with fellow travelers, is a Reiki Master, Ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor. For more information, email him at