The Ashland Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization providing educational and promotional opportunities for businesses in the Ashland and greater southern Oregon area. One of the best and most fun benefits of Ashland Chamber membership is attending weekly Greeters meetings with 50-60 additional business and community leaders.

Greeters meets every Friday at a different location at 8:15 a.m. This provides a different business each week to show off their space to an enthusiastic crowd and welcome 50-60 new customers into their location. Coffee and light breakfast snacks are shared along with fellowship and business networking.

Each attendee has 30-40 seconds to speak about their business but the host can provide up to seven minutes of information about their business. This a wonderful opportunity for businesses to share with their peers and build professional relationships but Ashland is such a special community, many friendships form as well.

A few years ago, a handful of enthusiastic business leaders formed the Ashland Chamber’s Green Best Practices Committee and launched a Greener Greeters program, educating our Greeters attendees and hosts in practices that would help eliminate waste at our Greeters meetings. Most popularly, Greeters members began to receive an additional 10 seconds to their promotional time for bringing a reusable mug. The mug incentive started five years ago and continues to help reduce waste at Greeters meetings!

Attendance at Greeters meetings is only one benefit businesses can gain from membership with the Chamber. Access to business information, educational workshops, promotion through Ashland Chamber outreach channels are a part of membership as well. Spending an hour on a Friday morning sharing business tips, meeting potential clients and gaining meaningful friendships is one of the best components of membership.

If you are considering becoming an Ashland Chamber member and are curious about our Greeters networking meetings, feel free to attend as a guest. Greeters meetings are listed on or by calling our front desk at 541-482-3486. Stop by — we would love to have you!

— Dana Preston is membership development manager for the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. For more information, go to, call 541-482-3486 or stop by the office at 110 East Main St.