Corrie and Wesley Reimer are among the new brand of young entrepreneurs who have found their way to Ashland after testing out the waters in cities such as New York, Portland, and San Francisco, before abandoning those claustrophobic metropolitan areas for a more pastoral life. Their new venture, "Hither," opens this month at the old Evo's location at 376 East Main St. in Ashland. I caught up with Corrie Reimer to talk about the couple's vision for the space.

JG: What is Hither?

CR: Hither is a space that will have a little bit of everything — Four Barrel Coffee, Leaves and Flowers Tea, homemade cakes, fresh baked goods, sandwiches, beer and natural wine. We want to refer to Hither as a “New Age Bodega,” but bodegas are few and far between in Southern Oregon, so we think it could be hard for our guests to relate to the concept. Living in New York our corner store, our bodega, was essential. It offered a little bit of everything for everyone on the block. And, that’s what we want Hither to be.

JG: What made you guys decide to open in Ashland?

CR: Well, Ashland is beautiful! We had been working in San Francisco and before that Portland and New York, it was exhausting! We were really ready to move onto something of our own, and Ashland seemed like a town that could offer that. We also liked the idea of being part of a small community, a community where the majority of the stores or restaurants were owner operated. Plus, the Rogue Valley has some amazing potential in its farmland and wine scene.

JG: Tell us a little bit about your food philosophy.

CR: Our food is simple and honest, it will be aggressively seasonal. Everything we use in the kitchen from our bread to our crème fraiche will be made in-house. We believe that food is the bedrock of our community, so our goal is to offer items that represent that. We’ll also aim to demonstrate our love for the local and regional food.

Our background is exclusively fine dining so we do want to incorporate that into the menu, everything will be prepared and presented with an artistic eye and of course delicious!

JG: When do things kick off?

CR: We will open bright and early at 7 a.m. on Sept. 5! We really want Hither to be a part of the community, a place where locals feel comfortable and welcomed. Good food, coffee and wine! The basic rundown of the menu will always stay the same but the ingredients will change daily and is dependent on the season. For breakfast we will offer fresh baked pastries, a tartine and breakfast sandwich, for lunch we will offer at least two salads, a soup and two sandwiches.

— Ashland resident Jeffrey Gillespie is a Daily Tidings columnist, arts reviewer and freelance writer. Email him at