“God has no Religion.”

—Attributed to Mahatma Gandhi

This phrase resonates with many people, both religious and non-religious. It seems to be a unifying concept in a world of religious separateness.

I have been privileged to study and experience many of the world’s traditions (religions) both from the everyday practice side to the mystical side. It has been said that the mystical side of religions all have the same spiritual truth and I find that to be true. Where the difference in the traditions appears is how they are understood and practiced on a common daily level. These differences, unfortunately, have led to separateness, divisiveness, hatred, discrimination and even war.

How can we bridge these differences and find common ground, common belief and common spiritual understanding? Is there at least one spiritual tenant that most can subscribe to that has a commonality with people and their core beliefs?

I find that there is at least one idea-belief-spiritual understanding that people can accept as common ground. This understanding applies to both those who subscribe to an anthropomorphic god (a god outside the human form) and those subscribe to a theomorphic god (a god that emanates itself and is found in all): “God is Unconditional Love.”

When further explored, this concept has many peaceful and unifying implications. If God loves unconditionally, then:

• There is no judgment. If there is judgment, then there are conditions to that judgement.

• If there is no judgment there can be no punishment or reward. “Imagine there’s no heaven … no hell below us” — Lennon.

• God does not need to be worshiped. Divine love does not need praise or honor, God loves always without restriction, emotionality or appeasement.

• God loves regardless of faith, religion or condition. God does not require religion, nor does God condemn it. (This allows all religions to be practiced, peacefully).

• There are no divine rules to follow. God who loves unconditionally loves regardless of a set of do's and don’ts. This allows full freedom of expression

• The story of the Prodigal Son becomes true. No matter what we do, say, or experience, unconditional loves is always there, always awaiting our return, all we need to do is simply accept it.

The idea that God, Life Source, Creator, Yahweh, etc., is Unconditional Love is not uncommon and is very wide spread. What is not so common is the embodiment and expression of this Truth. If God truly loves Unconditionally, then does this change how we live our lives?

If God loves unconditionally:

• Are we able to love unconditionally? We do the best job of this with our children. Can we look at others like we do our children … that everybody is just learning to live this life? I know that my lessons continue through life and are not limited to childhood.

• Can we live without judging others? This does not mean we condone or allow violence or aggressive acts. It does mean we try to look beyond appearances and deeds. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

• If we have “No Scoreboard in the Sky” then we have true freedom and can take responsibility for ourselves and how we live our lives. We are not judged, only loved.

• If we do something and “miss the mark” (commonly known as “sin”) we are still loved unconditionally. We now can live without fear and live in peace.

If we look close enough we can see that the idea that God loves unconditionally has been taught or expressed by all of the great spiritual teachers. Professing this is one thing, but it can be challenging to truly understand and live our lives without judging and without being judged.

We can take great comfort in knowing that we all are loved unconditionally, always. Living this truth will bring great inner peace. Let us endeavor to love others unconditionally as we are loved ourselves.

The World is not broken. Be in Peace ….

Jim Hatton is author (under the name James Apollonius Alan) of A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life available on Amazon or at SpititualMater.co. Send 600- to 700-word articles to Sally McKirgan at innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.