Part I, “Peace is never Piecemeal,” was in the April 8 Tidings. I spoke of growing up in India and the fun of child play and how we never knew the word "peace," whether inner, outer or universal, but I now know it was there. At the conclusion of that article we arrived at this: “Stop all theory and search of it and you will surely experience it 'within' — without any exception and without any doubt. It is the result of living naturally and so nature blesses us as a part and parcel of IT/Whole! We are ONE!”

Part II: As adults, in searching for peace, the goal is in the future somewhere else, and so a series of blunders start from the beginning. Our culture, so to say our education and or our religions, take us on their untrodden, imaginary path and the process of chasing the mirage — finding and going astray starts taking us in a multitude of wrong directions pointed to by not-knowing pundits, professors, politicians and also by our own parents in the name of love — and the search continues of blind leading the blind because the ego never allows one to admit: “I don't know.”

No wonder both the leader and those led drown in the ditch and, ever since, the quest continues in the search of inner peace. When truth is hidden from the start, how can one reach to the right destination? It is painful to be ignorant as an ego and declare one does not know to others! So from the start of our innocent inquiry-age, we became prey of the ego by our elders and egoist educators! Here are some things to think about:

1. We will have to gather enough charismatic courage to search and seek for ourselves without any compromise or conditioning of our culture, creed, color or other false identities! We need to have integrity and enough guts to go with our own experience in search of truth and inner peace. It may not be easy, but what is the price of that reality, rather than running after easily available leaders who are always ready to lead you to an imaginary utopia!

2. Where is any contentment, when there is not a single chance to express your true self from the early start? It is like love, hate, anger — silence your own energy and you can taste it and know its result and know it first hand and you will never forget it, or you don't have to memorize like the 10 Commandments or such superimposed knowledge, which is never a knowledge, but heavy burden on the over-loaded elephant that hides your true self. So always go with your own experience — the proof of the pudding in its taste. So test and trust the taste of your own realities of life rather than going after the crowds and popular common ideas. Have compassion for them, too, as they know not — what they are doing as they are in a spiritual sleep and enjoying the colorful dreams, without knowing that they are cutting the legs off your true curiosity and thirst for an important and existential gift called life, or that they could be making you disabled from the start of the journey.

3. Unless and until you take the reins in your hands, chances are sure to go on the wrong path, as not many well wishers are adventurous as you wish and knowing their ignorance, you have to take a risk to go alone and find the inner peace, which is not very far away. It is just taking a quantum jump within, as one's truth or inner peace has been waiting there for eternity, to be found. But our eyes are searching away from self and the here and now. So no wonder we are going in an eternal circle, blindfolded round and round and never reaching anywhere. So be brave and bold to encounter the "self.”

Swami Anand Krishna, aka Dr. Gokul Gokani, is a retired ear, nose and throat surgeon who has worked in England, India and Africa and lived in Ashland since 1999. Born in India, he shares the experience of mediation with fellow travelers, is a Reiki Master, Ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor. For more information, email or go to