Maybe rooftop solar?

A brilliant neighbor of mine in Ashland suggested that rather than a 50-acre solar farm near Ashland to satisfy the 10X20 law, why not use the city's money to further subsidize rooftop solar units? There are still plenty available and they would also qualify for state and federal tax credits and help local solar businesses. Germany has done this very successfully — why not Ashland?

Strange that it has not come up in any discussions I have read. Incidentally, both I and my brilliant neighbor already have solar rooftop panels.

Francis Van Ausdal


All in the same boat

On July 28, R. Hertz wrote a guest opinion column titled "Health Care: A Human Right."

Several thoughts occur:

(1) We are all on this nationwide boat ride together. The rapids are swift (at least a Class 3 river); the boulders are big and everywhere likely to loom up often; and, all of us in the boat absolutely must paddle together to avert smashing about.

(2) Best practices, a business strategy, suggests that we look to other countries for ideas on how we might move ahead in this country to provide health coverage for all of us.

(3) As Grandmother Clatterbaugh would say if she were alive: If it’s the right thing to do, do it.

Robert Serrett



Ashland's compassion

Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland continues to be overwhelmed by the compassion of this community. Our most recent donor solicitation proves that this small town has a huge heart.

So far in 2017, OHRA has received donations totaling more than $16,647 from 103 people. Our spring mail solicitation resulted in $8,335 from 48 individuals. Our Ashland Community Resource Center will use these funds to help those struggling with poverty find homes and jobs. Separately we received three individual gifts totaling more than $29,000 to help OHRA plan for our future.

While individual charitable donations are our largest source of income, we want to recognize the many grants we receive including the social services grant from the city of Ashland. We hope that the type of public/private teamwork that supports the ACRC confirms our city’s fine character while strengthening its citizenry.

Sharon Harris

President, OHRA Board of Directors