Solar farm opinion
ignored changes

The timing of the Our View piece of July 26 questioning a solar farm on the Imperatrice property raises questions. My view and probably those of the 2,500 Ashland residents who signed the 10x20 petition before the city made it law is that your editorial is dead wrong.

You rely on a 2015 city report written before the 10X20 ordinance was even passed. Truth is, Ashland is on the cusp of a new report on that property to be filed in August. It will review the appropriateness of a 50-acre solar farm and other uses for 850 acres of the Imperatrice city-owned property.

Ashland can produce and distribute that solar power. The electrons that are delivered to Ashland now still come from a large percentage of fossil fuel and nuclear sources. A solar farm would make a meaningful reduction in our reliance on those sources.

There are also ways to build the solar plant via third parties that don't require Ashland to invest in it up front. Studies still forthcoming may tell us that Imperatrice can benefit all Ashland residents and the rest of the planet!

Brian Comnes