Agnes Webber declared that she would never forget the day in 1933 when electricity first came to her home in Glide, Oregon.

She said, "It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. The company wouldn’t hook up the electricity unless we bought an electric range. So we bought one, but we were very careful. Unless the weather was real hot we didn’t use the range. We didn’t want our bill to be too high. I still cooked on the old wood stove."

Webber said that until the electricity arrived, the family carried water up to the house. She said they had wells, but in the fall they went dry and the family would use cream cans to haul water from the neighbors' more bountiful supplies.

"I had a washing machine, an old Maytag with a gasoline motor on it," Webber recalled. "It was the most temperamental motor that ever was invented. The fellow who hooked up the electric line said he would exchange the gas motor for an electric motor. He put it on the Maytag and it worked just fine.”

Source: Interview by Ella Mae Young, Douglas County Museum Oral History Project 1985.

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