The fake president

Like James Comey during his dinner with Donald, I am stunned. But I am more stunned by what I did not hear than by what was said in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s tribunal.

Comey stated that Russia used all the considerable resources at its command — intelligence assets, technical expertise, media strategies aimed at modifying behavior — to influence voters in our recent presidential election. He emphasized that no intelligence agency has any doubt about what happened. This fact is not fuzzy.

The defenestrated FBI director did not add the logical conclusion to that thought: Given how close the contest turned out to be, it is highly probable (let’s say beyond any reasonable doubt) that Vladimir Putin put Donald Trump in the White House.

Most likely key operatives in the Trump campaign, possibly including the candidate, were aware that Russia was acting on their behalf. Maybe they helped. It doesn’t matter. Even if Trump, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Carter Page and their ilk are a bunch of innocent political virgins, the current chief executive and commander in chief of the United States was not elected by a free and fair vote of the American people.

The Trump presidency is illegitimate.

The American people should not and cannot have confidence that the Trump administration represents them. It does not matter whether Donald Trump ever committed or will commit an impeachable offense, consciously or otherwise. He is a fake president.

So what now? A significant number of Americans, including many Republican members of Congress, believe that Trump’s tainted presidency will serve their interests. But accepting an illegitimate president means that our democracy is deeply compromised. Essentially, our American experiment is over.

It is not really Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions and the rest of those evil clowns who are in trouble. It is us.

Diarmuid McGuire