Ashland police have arrested a second suspect in connection with a recent string of auto burglaries. Arthur Paul Summers, 35, of Medford was arrested May 4 in Medford on a felony charge of first-degree theft and conspiring to commit first-degree theft, and on misdemeanor charges of unlawfully entering a motor vehicle, possessing burglary tools and second-degree theft.

Tyler Sweet, 25, was arrested on April 30 after reporting his car stolen. Investigators determined there were inconsistencies with his story, obtained a search warrant on his vehicle and allegedly found stolen items in it.

The department issued a request for citizen assistance in locating an individual believed to have been in the vehicle with Summers that morning and, on May 4, received a call from citizen who spotted Summers in Medford, according to post on the Ashland Police Department Facebook page. Summers was arrested shortly after.