New trees for Plaza

The Ashland City Council on April 4 gave unanimous and final approval to the contract negotiated between the city and Solid Ground Landscaping for the planting of four new stately mature trees on the Plaza this spring. This project has been supported by thousands of members of our community, and has been entirely underwritten and engineered by a local firm, Solid Ground Landscaping, for the benefit of our community.

Our Plaza Tree Enhancement Project is the culmination of many months of volunteer work by numerous Ashland residents, notably past tree commissioner Gregg Trunnell, who steered this project through various city departments, the Ashland Tree Commission, and the Ashland City Council, and we are very thankful for all their efforts.

Our Plaza will soon be looking a lot more inviting, and will have a good deal more shade. Thank you to everyone involved!

Let's plan on a community celebration on the Plaza once the trees are planted. (For more on the project see The Ashland Plaza Restoration Project on Facebook.)

David Sherr



A grammar failure

We hear improper grammar on sports commentary shows, we hear it in movies and on TV, we see it on Facebook and in text messages. It is a sad state of affairs and it contributes to the dumbing-down of America.

But on the front page of the Ashland Daily Tidings? Really? "... a large red robot her and her teammates are taking to competition." Where can we look for any intellectual guidance if not from journalists? Shame on you.

Nancy Shulenberger