Local report

The Ashland Daily Tidings is planning today to launch a full redesign and reconfiguration of its website, dailytidings.com, providing a more modern, cleaner look and dramatically faster loading times.

The new site, which is scheduled to go live at 9:30 a.m. today, was designed by Garcia Media. The company's CEO and founder Mario Garcia, who is involved in the redesign, is recognized as an international leader in web and print design.

The redesign is expected to make the site much more responsive, cutting loading times by nearly two-thirds, and is also built to be more mobile-friendly for access on smartphones and tablets.

The site features more and larger photographs and more entry points for users to reach their favorite content. The homepage provides an "infinite scroll" that allows readers to scroll through links to news, sports, opinion, features, videos, photo galleries and more. News and features also can be accessed through content lists across the top of the page and a full content list that can be opened on the left side of the page.

The infinite scroll feature speeds up page loading by loading content as the reader scrolls down, rather than loading the full page at the beginning. According to the technology designers of the site, loading times for the home page should decrease from an average of 9.5 seconds for the old site to 3.25 seconds for the new site. In 2014, the full homepage took nearly 27 seconds to load.

Garcia Media has worked with more than 700 media companies in 121 countries on web and print design projects. It has offices in Tampa, Fla., Buenos Aires and Hamburg, Germany. Garcia and his company have redesigned print and web publications ranging from Aftenposten in Norway, to El Tiempo in Columbia and from the Washington Post to the Paris Match. Other clients include the South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Miami Herald and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The web redesign is part of a companywide project by GateHouse Media, the Tiding's parent company. The project will redesign websites for 460 GateHouse sites, including the Daily Tidings in Ashland and the Mail Tribune in Medford.

The new website will have free, unlimited access for two weeks, then will again require a subscription for unlimited access.

Readers with questions may find answers in a FAQ (frequently asked questions) document, which can be reached through a link at the top of the homepage.