Remember Lao-Tzu

Now that Trump is making America groan again, Republicans should consider Lao Tzu’s warning: conduct your victory as a funeral. Your gloat of power could turn on you.

Republicans have systematically taken over all levels of government ─ from the presidency to the counties — including this one. Via gerrymandered congressional districts, voter suppression, fake news, fossil fuel lies, foreign meddling, and appeals to the worst in us, they are utterly in power.

After eight years of insulting, relentless ridicule and obstruction of our decent president, they’re eager to attack our environment, ignore science, undermine our safety nets, blame the poor, serve the rich, put corporations in charge, and impose a shallow morality.

So, show us what you’ve got, Republicans! But remember, if you break our government, worsen our environment, pit citizens and regions against each other, and foment needless wars — voters will rightfully hate the Republican Party for generations to come.​

Byron Bradley Carrier


Block the REINS Act

Last Friday, very quietly, the Republican House passed three bills that would make it almost impossible to protect our food, our water supply, clean air, safe workplaces, auto safety, drugs — everything.

While each bill is destructive in its own way, I’m raising the alarm about the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny). The REINS Act directs any significant rule issued by a government agency to be sent back to Congress for “oversight.” All Congress has to do to kill it is do nothing, just sit on it for 70 days. And an amendment was added to make past rules also vulnerable.

Fortunately our Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley will probably do all they can to block this radical bill. Please call them and let them know you think it is important to maintain the health and safety of our food, medicine, air, water, highways, etc. Block the REINS Act.

Sharry Teague