Like many in Ashland, we were a little perplexed at the news that a former Ashland High School student will face no charges despite posting an image of a gun on his Facebook page along with words that caused someone enough concern to alert police.

We don't know exactly what was posted; the picture of a gun was a stock image from the Internet. Police say they were convinced he does not pose an actual threat to students or to the community. School officials were concerned enough to cancel the homecoming parade.

If police insist there was no threat, we have no reason to doubt them. But this was not the only such incident following the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College last week. On Monday, a bomb threat to Rogue Community College caused the evacuation of RCC campuses in Grants Pass, Medford and White City. Southern Oregon University officials canceled classes at the SOU Higher Education Center in Medford.

People who make threats, no matter how "harmless" they think they are, should face consequences. It is reprehensible that they do this in the aftermath of the Roseburg tragedy and to let them off with a scolding sends the wrong message.

The former AHS student told police he meant no harm and had no malicious intent. But it was a big deal to the staff and students affected. He should face consequences as well. This is not a game, and police should send the message  that they will not tolerate costly pranks.