Staggering hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the prohibitionists is truly staggering.

Binge drink alcohol all you want! Show up for work the next day. No problem! Take a puff on a joint over the weekend; get drug tests and lose your job?

"Snyder says the city (Medford) will update its policy in light of recreational marijuana, alerting employees that they must adhere to the city's no-tolerance rule on drugs."

Now that's what I call delusional thinking! Alcohol is a drug!

R.L. Tokareff


No guarantee

The Jackson County Housing Authority has no plan yet to build more affordable housing on the land the city of Ashland wants to sell them on Clay Street.

If they buy the land, there is no guarantee they will build more affordable housing there. According to Dave Kanner, City Administrator, the Housing Authority will not buy the land on Clay Street unless the Fremont cottonwood tree is removed first.

Before the Tree Commission vote concerning the fate of the tree, the "limousine liberals" that Jeffrey Gillespie referenced in his recent column who live in the mobile home park across the street from the tree and others in the Clay Street neighborhood spoke passionately in favor of a compromise that allows for more affordable housing (there is already a good sized affordable housing development on Clay) and a green space around the tree so the neighborhood can continue to enjoy this tree as many of them have for decades.

Jeffrey Gillespie says they can go to Lithia Park if they want to see a tree. Jeffrey thinks the people on Clay are NIMBY elitists.

"Chamber of Commerce Conservatives" want the tree chopped down, and the land sold. The money from the sale of the land after the tree is gone is earmarked to address "parking solutions" downtown. They want another parking structure, even though the latest consultant says it's possible that other solutions might make another parking structure unnecessary. Getting the money, not affordable housing, is the priority.

The Tree Commission, whose vote is only advisory, refused to authorize the destruction of the Fremont cottonwood on Clay Street, which was Ashland's Tree of the Year. One commission member said, "If we can't save this tree, why do we even have a Tree Commission?"

Ron and Linda Adams


Wasted water

I was on the Southern Oregon University campus Saturday. I arrived at my destination at noon. Sprinklers were watering grass at one of the dormitories. I left at 12:30 p.m. and they were still running.

I came back at 3 p.m. They were still running in the same spot with water running off the sidewalks. I stayed on campus until 5:30 p.m. As I left, the water was still running in the same spot.

I did not really know what to do or who to call. I did nothing. As far as I know the sprinklers are still running. I hope not.

What was wrong with this picture: watering during the day, watering for five and a half hours or more, watering of the sidewalks, and finally watering the grass.

I turned off the sprinklers for my grass because of the drought. I feel that I want to do my part to conserve water. The grass will turn brown but it will come back lush and green when it starts to rain next spring.

SOU needs to step up and be a better steward of the precious and limited resource — water — that we have in our community.

Regina Ayars