Today's Tidings features reports from a much larger "newsroom" than usual. I've been privileged to teach a short course in community journalism during the spring term at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University. Students in "Community Journalism in Practice: A Day in the Life of Ashland" produced 15 stories that appear in today's paper.

On top of that, we also received a number of responses to a call for letters to the editor about your day in Ashland. They appear in the Voices pages on A16 and A17.

We know what we've come up with here is only a dip from the ocean of what Ashland is. Still, it represents a fuller cup on a broader range of topics than we can usually bring you in these pages. That's the power of citizen journalism: It allows you to do more stories about more local issues than would otherwise be possible.

The topics appearing today were chosen in line with aptitudes and interests of those enrolled in class. We know an objective, scientific sampling would have different colors in the palette. We also celebrate that we have a corps of people interested enough in what's going on in the world around them to take the time to gather and share information, which is what community journalism is all about.

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