The ABC news program 20/20 set to broadcast at 10 p.m. Friday includes a segment about the Ashland Police Department’s You Have Options program for sexual assault victims.

The segment focuses on a rape case reported two years ago at Southern Oregon University, where the program is known as Campus Choice.

The two programs have been held up as nationwide models in recent months. SOU representative Angela Fleischer testified at a U.S. Senate hearing in Washington, D.C., in December on the role of law enforcement in campus sexual assaults.

Ashand Detective Carrie Hull developed the You Have Options program, allowing victims to share as much as or as little information as they want and decide the course and timeline of the investigation. The program was so successful — doubling the number of sexual assaults being reported — that other agencies expressed an interest.

In October, 75 people from 17 agencies in six states attended APD’s first You Have Options training, and six more trainings are scheduled for this year, including one in Denver, one in Houston and one in Miami, all sponsored by the host agencies.

The program was chosen as a finalist for the Webber Seavey Award for quality in law enforcement from the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2014.

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