Organic & Healthy, Inc., Ashland — Owners: John & Liz Schmidt

Online only —

What's your mission?

To help reduce the threat of illnesses caused, at least in part, by environmental influences ... Alzheimer's disease, asthma, heart disease, SIDS, autism, depression, arthritis, allergies, immune system dysfunction, fibromyalgia, central nervous system dysfunction, anemia, emphysema and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as most forms of cancer.


What's your inspiration?

We were looking for an organic bed for our daughter eight years ago and took a lot of time researching products. We realized we had a lot of knowledge about the field and that we wanted to sell sofas, beds, carpets, air and water filters.


What makes you think there's a market?

More people are showing interest as they find out about the chemicals in fabrics and furniture. The more they learn, the more fired up they are. The sofa we’re sitting on is made from the fiber of the kapok tree. It uses sustained harvest practices and has a natural finish. Padding is latex, a natural product. The wool is grown in this region. There are no flame retardants in it. The sofa is $1,600.


How do you reach your market?

Liz: It’s 95 percent from the Internet. We sell from our home, showing people around so they can see how we’ve family-tested it and how it looks and works. For people in this area, they read our website and call for an appointment.

John: A lot of people don’t realize how many toxins are off-gassing in the home, but many families already know and they don’t want their children exposed to chemicals or they are chemically sensitive or simply want to help the environment. They are glad to find us locally.