I was born in 1928. I'm 86 years old. My mother was a voracious reader who kept my two brothers, my sister and me informed of what was going on in the world, even in the 1930s. We knew about Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany.

I remember before the war when the German American Bund held rallies in Madison Square Garden and Jewish veterans of the first World War picketed outside. Sometimes fistfights broke out between the pickets and the bund members. Fritz Kuhn was head of the bund.

Being Jewish we were aware of how Jews were treated in Germany. Little did we know that in a few short years my older brother would be a prisoner of the Germans. His B-24 bomber was shot down over Berlin on his 21st mission. He bailed out and was captured in April 1944.

All of us in my family served in the armed forces. My father was in the infantry in the First World War, my older brother enlisted as soon as America went to war, I enlisted as soon as I was 18 and my younger brother served in the Marines in the Korean War.

I know much of the history of anti-Semitism, so its current spread doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately, it is magnified by the massive increase of Muslim settlement in the Western world. Many others who are not Muslims are involved as well.

Many people support the Hamas terrorists in the current war and don't believe Israel has the right to defend itself. In my opinion, most Hamas supporters are either anti-Semites or are totally ignorant of the fact that Israel wants to live in peace and Hamas wants all Israelis, in fact all Jews, dead.

Currently the world is undergoing the most massive and dangerous spread of anti-Semitism since Hitler. It's not only happening in the Muslim world, but all over Europe, in America, South America,Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and many other places.

People who support Hamas are bearing signs reading, "Death to Jews," "Jews to the Gas Chambers," and worse. They're not just condemning Israelis, they're condemning Jews in general.

There are many examples of anti-Semitism. Many American colleges are hotbeds of anti-Semitism. It is risky for Jewish students on some campuses to admit to being Zionists.

The Presbyterian church has voted to divest from Israel.

In Rome, fliers are being distributed urging people to boycott Jewish businesses and products.

In Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey, some post offices are refusing to forward mail to Israel.

In South Africa, a trade union leader is urging people to attack Jews.

Hamas supporters in Long Beach, Calif., are trying to block an Israeli ship so that it can't unload its cargo.

A few days ago in Florida, a rabbi was shot and killed walking to a synagogue. Hamas supporters are suspects.

Jews are attacked and murdered in France and synagogues are being attacked. Many Jews are leaving France because of fear of violence.

Jews are not alone. Christians are being murdered in Muslim countries. In the Middle East, the only place Christians are safe is in Israel. While the Christian numbers in the Muslim world are diminishing, the number of Christians in Israel is growing.

During World War II, the Roosevelt administration made it very difficult for Jews to escape from Europe. Now we have a president who has to be aware of what is going on, yet remains silent, not only with respect to Jews, but with respect to Christians, too.

I'm so dissappointed in Obma and so shocked by his indifference that it's difficult for me to express the contempt I feel for him.

Maynard Telpner lives in Talent.