Ashland Daily Tidings


Ashland’s a smart, lively town that needs a smart, lively newspaper.

We’re working to reinvigorate the Daily Tidings with an expanded staff, more use of freelancers and more participation in these pages from reader contributions, including everything from letters to the editor to op-ed viewpoints to regular (or even irregular) columns.

It’s all about energizing that conversation in the headline above. It’s an axiom that appeared in the prior paper I edited and is an edited version of a quote by playwright Arthur Miller.

We want your input, your columns, your comments, your tweets, emails, blogs and photos.

We want the paper to be local and useful. We want to connect readers to opportunities.

We want to facilitate a community conversation by providing information and an information space in which we all can discuss and shape the community direction — not just in civic matters, but in all the places, economic and cultural, in which people live.

Newspapers and their websites should be a kind of collective consciousness of the community, a way to facilitate and elevate community dialogue.

We want the Tidings to be a community venue, a commons, a veritable Plaza where we all can mingle.

We want to find out and share all the things that make Ashland a special place and all the things that could make it even more special.

We want the hard news, but we also want the soft news, the quirky, creative bits that give color and texture to our lives here.

We want stories about Ashlandish behavior — things Ashlandians have done that seem particular to Ashlandia, that reveal part of the local drive to celebrate and enrich the wonderful physical, cultural, economic and social landscape we inhabit.

This is a town with a main street bookended by institutions striving for excellence, from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to Southern Oregon University. Both connect us with the riches of the past while incubating the creativity that creates the future.

It’s also a town where you can walk down many streets and smell coffee freshly brewed and bread freshly baked.

It’s a town where the hardware store runs out of blanks for Subaru keys.

It's a town where pedestrians can bring traffic to a halt by merely glancing at a crosswalk.

It's a town where organic foods are front and center, not shunted off to the side.

It’s a town where the city charter requires a city band, and the band director makes three times what the mayor does.

It’s a town where the mayor cites spotting a Monarch butterfly as an example of quality of life. And, adds John Stromberg, where “we have to live up to what this community could be.”

And the Tidings wants to, and will, live up to what a paper and website could be.

We look forward to the process and invite you to join us.


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