Israel's bombing is not offensive

Israel's bombing is not offensive

The letter to the editor written by Cynthia Zavatski titled, "Israeli offensive is beyond understanding" may be, as she stated, beyond her understanding.

Israel, responding to the many years of indiscriminate rocket bombardments, is not offensive. On the other hand, Hamas, which has been governing all of Gaza since August of 2005 when the Israeli government booted their own citizenry out in what was called "The Disengagement," is offensive.

Israel has received tens of thousands of rockets from Hamas, and then waits patiently for the international community to condemn these acts of terror. But the world remains silent and Israel eventually has to respond, which wakes the world up, which then condemns Israel, as Cynthia Zavatski has done.

Hamas, one of the many terror groups of hate-filled Islamic Arabs the world now knows as Palestinians, doesn't recognize Israel, whose citizens live on the land they've historically lived on and off and on again for at least five times longer than Islam has been a "Johnny come lately" religion in the region. The Arabs, who now have usurped one-sixth of the earth's land mass, hail from Arabia, but have taken over all of North Africa and most of the Middle East — and nobody questions it.

The term Palestinian is odd. The Romans, when they razed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., tried to blot out the ancient names and coined the new name of Palestine. It wasn't until the 1960s when an Arab from the United Arab Republic/Egypt, Yasser Arafat, decided he wanted the Arabs to be known as Palestinians and started a terror group known then as the Palestinian Liberation Organization or PLO. What's really strange is that in the Arabic language there is no "P" letter or sound. They can't even pronounce the word that they want us to believe they are! They only can say Fallestinian, which works for me because I believe they are a "fallacy," a figment of their own imagination.

By the way, no other country on the planet in history has ever, as Israel does, bomb their targets with leaflets warning people to get out the day before the real bombs come. No other country calls people on the phone and warns them where they will attack. No other country holds ceasefires and helps these Gazan Arabs with humanitarian aid, giving them food, water, medical supplies, blankets and doctors. Hamas uses Israel's goodwill gestures to its advantage, almost in the same way that Hollywood prepares a set design. Because Hamas has advance warning, their leaders make sure their own innocent women and children are in place while the media's cameras are rolling. Hamas continues to attack, attack, attack, even during U.N.-brokered ceasefires. All of the atrocities Cynthia blames Israel for are actually done on purpose by all of those hate-filled Israel bashers that surround her.

Glenn Miller