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Q: I was surprised when an officer told me it was illegal to have more than one driver's license at a time. I thought mine was lost so I got another one before finding the one I thought I lost. The officer told me I could be cited for having both licenses. This got me curious about what other illegal things you often see that most people wouldn't think was against the law. Could you share some laws that might surprise us?

A: The most common violation that I see (and people claim not to know about) would probably be when there is a frame around a vehicle's license plates that causes the registration stickers to be covered ($97 fine). Also very common are laws broken by bicyclists and skateboarders. It always makes me laugh when I hear someone say that we are too hard on them because, if an officer wanted to, almost every bicyclist and skateboarder (or vehicle driver for that matter) could be legally stopped. There are hundreds of laws and, you may not want to believe me, but we cut people a lot of slack as long as they are not endangering anyone. I've listed some laws that you may find surprising below.

Fail to change your name or address on a license or permit within 30 days of the change and you could be cited. ($97 fine, ORS 807.560)

If you tell a police officer that you have liability insurance on your vehicle, knowing that you don't, you can be arrested. (B misdemeanor, ORS 806.055)

Direct a light from a laser pointer at a police officer and you can be arrested. (A misdemeanor, ORS 163.709) If you are driving and strike and injure a domestic animal (cat or dog) you must immediately report the injury to the animal's owner or a police officer and provide reasonable attention to the animal or you may be cited. ($242 fine, ORS 811.710) Operate a skateboard in Ashland on a public street without a helmet (any age) and you can be cited. ($250 fine, AMC 11.54.030) Fail to stop when emerging from an alley, building, driveway or private road before crossing the sidewalk or point nearest the roadway and you could be cited. (Almost everyone does this multiple times a day. $242 fine, ORS 811.505) If you use or possess any license or driver permit that you know is suspended or canceled you can be arrested. (A misdemeanor, ORS 807.580) If a bicyclist fails to use a bicycle lane when one is available on a roadway they can be cited. ($97 fine, ORS 814.420) Operate a bicycle and carry more than one person (unless made for more than one) and you could be cited. ($97 fine, ORS 814.460)

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