With goals of fostering peace, sustainability, community and re-localization, Jackson Wellsprings features the Peace Village Friday through Sunday.

With goals of fostering peace, sustainability, community and re-localization, the third annual Peace Village will take place at Jackson Wellsprings Friday through Sunday.

The three-day gathering will include a community market, skill share fair, healing sanctuary, kid village, community picnic, drum circle, music and vegetarian fare.

"Imagine a village birthed from our shared visions, deepest longings and ancestral memories of what could be, holding a resonance of peace that informs, inspires, and activates all who enter," said event organizer Larry Morningstar. "This village is being conceived and built with peace, sustainability, and respect as its guiding principles."

Think of Peace Village as Stone Soup for the Soul, Morningstar said.

"A whole is made up of its parts. A village is made of its people, groups, and organizations, seasoned with a diversity of ages, backgrounds, genders, races, ethnicities, spiritual paths, lifestyles and ideas," he said. "Each of us has something to share. Come join in this endeavor, in this metaphorical soup."

This year Peace Village is dedicated to the memory of Steve Traisman, and this year's theme is "Let's Village Together!"

The entire event is offered free of charge except for Friday evening's two "Give Peace a Dance!" fundraisers.

The first, from 6 to 11 p.m., includes performances by Cornflower, DJ Medicine Man, and Ambe Ray. A $10 to $20 donation is suggested.

The Late Night Trance Dance Show starts at 11 p.m. Friday and includes performances by DJ Solus and Liquid Fire Mantra. A donation of $5 to $10 is suggested.

Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., a Community Market will feature fresh local produce and other local foods, local crafts, locally made herbal body care and herbal products, and all manner of treasures du garage, objects d'attique, plus fine crafts from villages around the world. Barter is encouraged.

Also on Saturday, a Skill Share Faire will offer free classes in a plethora of useful skills — many of which were commonplace to our grandparents. Topics include tool efficiency, natural building, knot tying, water quality, muscle testing for gardeners, solar cooking, lacto fermentation tincture making, an herb walk and juggling.

A Healing Sanctuary will offer mini-sessions from a variety of local healers and health professionals in areas such as massage, acupuncture, reiki, shamanic healing, group healing and more.

On Sunday, everyone in the community is invited to a community picnic, during which Dominic Allamano and friends will lead some community engagement exercises and games. The opening ceremony will take place from 11 a.m. to noon, followed by the actual picnic, and from 4 to 5 p.m. Shakerman will facilitate a community drum circle. Bring your own drum and other percussion instruments if you have them.

Peace Village is a family friendly event. Children will enjoy Kid Village.

The financial model used is that of the gift economy wherein people are encouraged to give generously in relation to the value they receive, organizers said. With the exception of the fundraisers on Friday evening, all other parts of Peace Village have free admission, with contributions of cash, time and energy encouraged, since even free events cost money to produce.

For more information, log on to www.PeaceVillageFestival.org.