Ordinance on nudity needs to change; Applause for doing the right thing; Disappointed at Auchincloss article; Columnist Barone is out of touch

Ordinance on nudity needs to change

Mayor Stromberg,

Referring to the city's ordinance on public nudity as adopted by the council a few years ago: The acceptance of public nudity in Ashland is not an issue of tolerance. It is an example, one of many, of how our constitutions and charters have been misconstrued in the name of tolerance to cater to the lowest common denominator of society. I sincerely doubt that when the original writers of the Oregon Constitution included the clause on freedom of expression, the idea of public nudity or a naked old man wandering public streets traumatizing young children was even remotely considered.

There needs to be a change to the city ordinance to once again restrict public nudity, for the sake of our children at the least, not to mention the livelihood of our tourist economy or simple decency. Ashland is a laughing stock in taking "progressive thinking" to its extremes. This is not a small issue. It is worth noting that a web poll on this issue at www.dailytidings.com shows that 60 percent of respondents are in favor of restricting public nudity.

I urge you and all of the council to show some backbone in this area and revisit the ordinance.

Chris Adams


Applause for doing the right thing

I thank and applaud Eddy McManus and Karl Iverson for having the courage to stand up and do the right thing.

I would like to convey to James Auchincloss and Dennis Vickoren that it is truly never too late to turn one's self around, own up, and do the right thing.

Karmin Davis


Disappointed at Auchincloss article

I was shocked and disappointed at the article on James Auchincloss.

I was even more shocked to see that the New York Times had picked up your article.

James Auchincloss deserves better than to be condemned in the Tidings before having been tried.

I am seriously considering not reading the Tidings from now on.

June Rachles


Columnist Barone is out of touch

Once again, columnist Michael Barone (see June 5 column "Advancing civil rights by overturning old laws") demonstrates that he is totally out of touch with the real world. Sure, we have a black president, but aside from overwhelming numbers of angry voters, a large part of Obama's win was due to hundreds of lawsuits won in state and federal courts overturning Republican voter suppression, which has been blatantly obvious since the debacle of 2000.

Remember the 45,000 black folks in Florida unlawfully denied their right to vote? The thousands of black folks in Ohio waiting for 12 hours in the rain to vote, while the white suburbs had more voting machines than they knew what to do with? The thousands of our (black) troops in Iraq who never got their absentee ballots because (oops) their addresses had changed?

My wife and I (white folks) personally know people who have been pulled over for "driving while black," from college professors, to heavy equipment operators, to maids. It ain't fixed yet, Mike.

Peter Nemzek