Dancing statue is dangerous

Can I be the only person who thinks that a young woman dancing on the sidewalk at the corner of Siskiyou and Ashland Street, dressed in stiletto heels and a Statue of Liberty costume and waving at passing motorists, is a recklessly dangerous thing? Crosswalk? Pedestrian? Oh, whoops """" sorry.

Jim Chadwick


Crosswalk sting doesn't fix the problem

Raising awareness by issuing tickets? Tickets can be issued until we are blue in the face and it is not going to raise the awareness of students crossing the street without care or drivers whose attention is elsewhere. &

Until we do something that forces people to do what they won't do on their own, the probability of further accidents or deaths remain. This situation demands obvious mechanical means such as stop lights or flashing lights in the street triggered by push buttons or, my favored choice, drop arms like a railroad crossing.&


Every day I go through the area I see near misses that seem like cars and pedestrians playing chicken.&

Please, please, please people, do something intelligent about this dangerous situation rather than continuing to place blame on one group or the other or coming up with ineffectual ideas like flags and tickets that do nothing.&

Pedestrians and drivers are not going to solve the problem on their own.&

It is the responsibility of us all to force the solution on them.

Tom Howard


Aquatic sports need adequate facilities

I am a junior at Ashland High School. I have been swimming for 10 years, participating on the water polo and swim teams. Until last year our swimming events and practices were held at the SOU pool.

When SOU underwent budget cuts, the water polo team was forced to move its practices to Daniel Meyer Pool.

Last year during September and October we practiced outside, at night, in only a partially heated pool, even when it rained.

We bought wet suits and endured because we love our sport. Daniel Meyer is an inadequate facility because it is not deep enough for water polo, allowing players to push off the bottom of the pool.

Since all our games were in Eugene or Cottage Grove in deep-water pools, our team was at a severe disadvantage during competitions.

Water polo has been a strong influence in my life. It has given me a place to fit in and a sport that I have become passionate about in the past three years. I believe that it is important to keep aquatic programs alive in Ashland and to make sure that we offer a diverse range of sports to the young people of our community.

If a partnership with SOU can not keep the SOU pool open, I encourage our community to support developing a year-round aquatics center that can support the many aquatic programs that take place in Ashland, including programs for both students and seniors.

Kelsey Westhelle-Grant


Art censorship to be expected

Another "controversial" piece of art censored for graphic depictions of human genitalia. I've never heard of that before! Doesn't this feel a bit routine? Explicit scenes of sex and violence are controversial, and require viewer discretion.

A high school student should be aware of this and the consequences &

a very small number of schools would permit naked breasts to be publicly showcased at a school function with minors, such as Winter Fine Arts Festival. Censorship of graphic pieces should be exercised when minors are present, because parents should have the right to decide the extent of their child's exposure.

I think the real question is why the artist felt it necessary to produce large paintings of specifically human genitalia. Par&

233;-Miller stated that she first made them to get a reaction, and she did.

Unless we lived in a completely conformist society, a question of reaction is fairly obvious. But is this "beautiful" art? Or a fairly apparent statement about society? That is the real controversy.

Rianna Koppel