UU thanks and invitation

Anyone would be happy to find a positive article about his or her faith tradition on the front page of a newspaper. As a Unitarian Universalist, I value equally an accurate portrayal. For her article in the Oct. 8 Tidings, I offer my thanks to Vickie Aldous for the former and kudos for the latter.

As a scientist, I'm not one to perceive great cosmic interventions on my behalf. I must admit, however, that I'm bemused by the timing of the "letter at length" from Robert Alexander in the same issue, entitled "Ashland has (sic) misguided spirit." From its gist, I'm led to believe that Mr. Alexander may be one of those who is "a UU and doesn't know it." I invite him and others to check us out some Sunday. If you believe differently from the majority of us, so be it. We request only that you believe thoughtfully and respectfully.

Ed Fremouw

Board President

Rogue Valley UU Fellowship

Council story hit home

Kudos to Mike Green for his excellent piece about our dysfunctional council. Many of us have suspected for quite sometime that certain council members have no real interest in doing the city's business, they have their own agendas and are using their positions to exert as much influence as possible to further their own ends. The notion that there may be some sort of "shadow" council was quite a surprise. But now that I come to think of it, it all makes perfect sense.

The fact that we have lost so many department heads and are having a terrible time hiring new ones should give us some idea of how our reputation has suffered. No one in their right mind wants to come and work for us under the current conditions. The word is obviously out.

I don't condone Mr. Chapman's outburst of profanity, but I certainly understand his frustration. In the last election I did not vote for either Ms. Hartzell nor Mr. Navickas. I'm wondering how many of you out there who did vote for them are having second thoughts.

If, $37,000 later, the situation hasn't improved, I would most certainly sign a petition for the recall of at least two, if not three, councilors.

Chris Amorelli

Shame on the Festival

I was raised in the area and often enjoyed Shakespeare plays as a child. I have held memories for 30 years of the magic and humor of theater. Even as a child, I laughed at "As you like it" and "Much Ado About Nothing," and was on the edge of my seat throughout "Romeo and Juliet." I have often replayed the romantic night of that play and wanted for 23 years to take my husband and experience the same magic.

I cannot relate the amount of disappointment and pure amazement when I took him to the "billed" and famous Ashland Elizabethan theater "Romeo and Juliet."

If your artistic director wishes to re-invent a play, fine. Just properly advertise it as "Bill Smith's, Randy and Joan." Shame on you (OSF) for the misleading, misrepresentation and pure destruction of a masterpiece.

If I wanted to see this joke of a play, I'd see it off, off, off Broadway. where it belongs &

not at Ashland's Elizabethan Theater. Children do not need to be spoken down to, nor do they grow when that occurs. The play, as Mr. Shakespeare wrote it, has stood on it's own for many years and should continue to do just fine. Shame on you!

Judi Bly-Magaw