"Politicians ought to be able to do anything they want."

I thought it was a ludicrous statement. But I could hardly discern whether my uncle was joking or dead serious.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Anything," he replied.

"What about murder? Should elected officials be allowed to just walk down the street and shoot people in the head?"

"Yes," my uncle stated resolutely.

I was floored by a single word, which removed all doubt regarding the sanity of my uncle. Here was the former Marine, the Vietnam war hero, the retired Navy veteran who served his country with honor and valor in two branches of the armed forces now advocating for a complete abdication of power by the electorate in order to grant absolute power to the elected.

Surely, this man had lost his mind, I thought. It would be years later that I would come to understand his rationale, and realize that perhaps he was attempting to teach me a political lesson that was more valuable and insightful than any offered by our system of formal education.

That lesson is one worth noting again today.


Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio has represented his constituency in the southwest part of the state for more than 20 years. Among a number of congressional committees served by DeFazio, perhaps none is as important as the House Committee on Homeland Security. Certainly no other committee has opened his eyes to a realization of the true powers in government.

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right," DeFazio said on July 20, 2007.

What prompted such a statement by a devoted representative of the people?

In all of his years in congress DeFazio had never sought to go against the secret powers that exist within the executive branch. He had never really exercised the power inherent in his legislative authority as a representative of the people to seek access in an area forbidden by the executive. But that pattern of nonchalant leadership would change when DeFazio, after learning about the history of "false flag" events that have preceded nations into illicit wars, began to respond to inquiries by his constituency regarding the Bush administration's upcoming exercise in Oregon known as "Operation Noble Resolve."


So, what is Operation Noble Resolve? According to the U.S. Joint Forces Command Web site:

U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) kicked off its series of experiments aimed at enhancing homeland defense measures and military support in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

, sponsored by USJFCOM, is an experimentation campaign plan supported by U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) to develop solutions for U.S. agencies and organizations by providing the means to deter, prevent, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the U.S., its territories, and interests.

This week's event, known as Noble Resolve 07-1, is the first of what will be a to be held over a number of years on this topic. The Noble Resolve campaign will be managed by USJFCOM's .

Noble Resolve 07-1 is a week-long event that will bring more than 125 people from across the United States and a number of other countries to develop solutions to provide improved defense support to civil authorities and build upon global partnerships.

Throughout the Noble Resolve campaign, USJFCOM will also partner with the U.S. Transportation Command, and other federal agencies such as the Dept. of Homeland Security, the FBI and Customs and Border Protection. It will also team with individual states such as the Commonwealth of Virginia and Oregon, as well as multinational participants to include Canada, Germany, Singapore, Finland and Sweden, amongst others.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Chris Oden, the military lead for Noble Resolve's initial experiment which will last through the end of the week, explained the significance of the event.

"It's the first homeland defense and defense support to civil authorities experiment that we're conducting within J9 that has a lot of modeling and simulation support and potential that's going to be built into the Noble Resolve campaign."

Mark Wolfe, the civilian lead for Noble Resolve said the event is a product of Urban Resolve, another series of USJFCOM experiments which concluded this past winter.

Oden said the next phase in August will focus on a threat in the Pacific theater. Those involved will include the state of Oregon, the city of Portland, the Oregon National Guard, as well as Joint Task Force Homeland Defense, located in Hawaii.

So now that it is clear that Operation Noble Resolve is one of a series of terror threat exercises being conducted across the country, why should the American people be worried about it? And furthermore, why would a long-term U.S. congressman consider the possibility that the so-called "conspiracy theorists" are right?


On June 5, I wrote a warning of the implications of (NSPD 51), which forms the National Continuity Policy and the position of National Continuity Coordinator through the Office of Homeland Security. This newly established position has been filled by Frances Townsend. And the "Plan" for the new Continuity of Government is due on the president's desk during the month of August.

Some would argue that there is nothing nefarious about such installations of safeguards by the executive branch. I would argue they are wrong. Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who testified on Feb. 1, 2007 before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would agree with me. His actual testimony provided a "plausible scenario" in which our own government would stage a false flag event by killing thousands of people and blaming it on so-called mythical terrorists from Iran in order to garner support for an attack on that nation.


DeFazio has now learned that his inquiry into the secret subsets of NSPD 51 has been denied. It was the first time his request for classified documents has been denied by the White House. And he doesn't even know who denied his rightful, legal access!

To follow-up on his inquiry and its subsequent denial, DeFazio, along with House Homeland Security Committee Chair Bernie Thompson and Oversight Subcommittee Chair Chris Carney sent a letter to the White House demanding access to the requested documents, or a reason why it was refused.

DeFazio might wish to have a long talk with Senator Ron Wyden, who was denied his request for classified CIA documents related to 9/11 &

an event many regard as an inside job "false flag" attack that led directly to a second ground invasion of Iraq.

In fact, DeFazio may also wish to speak with , whose to impeach has been by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and squashed in the House Judiciary Committee, ironically chaired by Civil Rights icon John Conyers. Conyers, whose battle for the rights of the people under the constitution is legendary, is now the sole authority preventing the by Kucinich from coming out of and being voted on by the full House of Representatives of the American people. Despite 14 to the bill, Conyers has it doesn't have enough votes to win, which contradicts the purpose of a democratic process that allows votes to be made before rendering judgment.


Invariably there are those detractors who will cast aspersions upon anyone who dares question the motives of the executive branch, regardless of which political power is in the Oval Office. For them, impeachment is not a power relegated to the people and our representatives by the constitution to be used when the leadership of this nation has turned a deaf ear to the will of the American people.

For some, impeachment is of such high order that it is not enough for the president and vice president to deceive the American people into supporting a war. It isn't enough for the executive branch to utilize its secret powers to undermine foreign governments, kidnap, imprison, torture and kill foreign citizens. The standard to which the leadership must rise (or sink) in order to warrant impeachment by the ostriches of America cannot be met even when the laws of our own nation are deliberately broken &

even when both the judicial and legislative branches efforts to subpoena, secure documentation and hold the executive branch accountable for its involvement in firings of judicial agents are thwarted or ignored. Apparently, there is little left that the executive branch can do to ruffle the impeachment feathers of the peoples' representatives. It appears that the legislative branch isn't equal, but rather subservient to the executive branch.


Even the former First Lady-turned senator Hillary Clinton has come to realize her place in society, as her call for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq was met on July 16, 2007 with quite an extraordinary surprise from the Pentagon. In a rare in-your-face response, the Pentagon's Undersecretary of Defense penned a letter to Hillary, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expressing that her request "reinforces enemy propaganda."

To put that statement in context consider what occurred next.

The day after the Pentagon leader sent his stinging rebuke to Senator Clinton, on July 17, 2007 President George Bush signed "" This order by the president provides the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State with the power to take any property, or interest in property, away from an individual accused of acts, or intent to act, in any manner determined by these individuals or the president to threaten the administration's efforts in Iraq.

There has been no outcry from Congress. Not even Hillary has strode forth boldly and joined the growing numbers of Americans calling for the impeachment and removal of this president and his henchmen from office. In lieu of the numerous confrontations between the White House and Congress over the war in Iraq, the contentious discourse over the investigation into the outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame, and the ongoing probe into the firing of prosecuting attorneys, it appears that Congress has little power to do anything other than complain. And even when it does that, the executive branch wields such power that even its underlings can chastise a whining senator into submission.

It appears that my uncle was quite right when he simply stated that elected leaders ought to be able to do anything they want &

because his understanding of what it would take for the American people to stand up and rid the country of tyrants is profound. Today, we see evidence of the following:

— —


Despite the lengthy (partial) list above of clear public offenses by the executive branch and numerous unaddressed grievances by the American people, the unpatriotic detractors stand firmly rooted with their heads in the sand of oblivion. Even as the temperature of the waters of malfeasance continues to rise unabated, there are those who readily dismiss each degree of incremental heat as nothing over which to worry. For them, the evidence necessary to remove the blinders of political loyalty must reach an unreachable and indefinable standard.

Such blind loyalty to the supremacy of American political will is not without precedence.


In 1990, when then-president George H. Bush sent his Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney to Saudi Arabia (to which we recently cut an arms deal worth $20 billion) to convince the rulers to allow more than a half-million U.S. troops to "defend Saudi Arabia" the American public was convinced Saddam Hussein was determined to invade Saudi Arabia and it was America's job to defend the Islamic kingdom.

That was a lie.

When the U.S. Congress listened to tearful testimony of babies being tossed from incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals, as evidence of the cruelty of the Iraqi invaders, congressional representatives were persuaded to support a U.S.-led military invasion of Iraq.

That testimony was contrived.

When Congress was informed by Bush (41) that the war in Iraq was over, it cheered. But while most of the Army ground troops were withdrawn, U.S. military forces still remained &

with strategic ground and air controls in place that would be utilized to maintain a "softening" of Saddam's defenses in preparation for a future ground invasion.

In other words, the war was not over. But America would be told a similar lie by another President Bush more than a decade later.

The "cease-fire" that was established was not honored. The U.S. military's presence in Iraq and its control over 2/3 of Iraqi skies was not condoned nor supported by the U.N., nor its Security Council. The U.N. resolutions maintained by the U.S. as authorization for its use of military force have long been discounted as political propaganda promoted by the executive branch and vigorously debated by a majority of U.N. member nations &

which argue that none of the U.N. resolutions provide the U.S. authority to unilaterally use force and maintain military occupation of any nation, in particular Iraq.

In other words, the U.S. lied to get into Iraq and lied about leaving.

Under the Clinton White House, when Congress was told the Iraqi people needed freedom from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, they were not told that Saddam's tyrannical acts were under full support of the executive branch of the U.S. government for more than a decade (1979 - 1990). Instead, Congress signed onto the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998 as a na&


175;ve, gullible body of representatives, believing the executive branch was honest and forthright in its assessment and presentation of the problem facing both the Iraqi and American people.

Congress was misled by the lies and deception of the executive branch and its congressional allies.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Congress was again asked to support measures that sent the U.S. military to Afghanistan. At the same time, most congressional members had little understanding about the ongoing U.S. military operations in Iraq.

The USA Patriot Act provided expanded authority to the executive branch due to the trust of legislators in Congress.

The second ground invasion of Iraq, dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, were ironically authorized by Congress to help, but instead sealed the fate of the Iraqi people as prisoners of a U.S. war machine that was, and is led by deceptive leaders who abused their authoritative powers over the military to conquer a nation that posed no threat to the American people.

Again, Congress was misled by a lying and deceptive executive branch and its allies in the House and Senate.


Since the removal of Saddam, the executive branch has made a number of false claims regarding its intention in Iraq. It has even declared victory (again) in 2003.

That was a lie. America owns no victory in Iraq.

The government of Iraq has been run by the U.S. since its takeover in 2003. The evidence ought to be as transparent to Congress as it is to most of the American people. Congress determines goals and "benchmarks" for the Iraqi government to meet. The U.S. president and his mouthpieces determine the policies of the Iraqi president and his cabinet. Many of the elected leaders of the Iraqi parliament are products of U.S.-led efforts to manipulate and control the so-called democratic process in Iraq. The Oil Ministry is completely controlled by the United States. And the threat of leaving Iraq unless the Iraqis stand up is an idle one.

The entire story of U.S. involvement in Iraq is based upon lies and propaganda.

The majority of Iraqis have longed for the absence of American troops since 1991. Polls taken by U.S. media in the aftermath of the second U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 showed an overwhelming negative response by the Iraqi people to the U.S. invasion. Subsequent polls maintained the strong anti-American sentiment. U.S. troops have fought both Sunni and Shiite forces. And U.S. leaders have continually referred to only those who support U.S. policy and goals in Iraq as true Iraqis. The rest of the Iraqi people are referred to as "radicals" and "extremists," especially those who fight in defense of their country.

Today, the executive branch busies itself with expanding power both at home and abroad. While it establishes a permanent presence (along with Great Britain) in Iraq and gears up for a confrontation with Iran (which it once invaded and controlled for 26 years), it creates new powers here at home.

The Office of Homeland Security is an off-shoot of the executive branch that answers to no one other than the president. Its committee in Congress is merely used to appease the people. But Congress has no authority or power over Homeland Security.

Yet, Congress continues to allow its existence.


A derivative of the Office of Homeland Security is the brand new National Continuity Coordinator (NCC), who is responsible for implementing the new Continuity of Government policies (COG), in conjunction with the Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Enduring Constitutional Government (ECG) &

all of which sound quite strategic in defending the nation from enemies abroad.

But today's enemies of America were contrived &

and so is the mythical defense of our nation from invisible and imagined terrorists. America watched in horror as three buildings fell in New York, something exploded into the Pentagon and something created a burned patch of land in Pennsylvania. We were then told by the executive branch how such occurrences took place.

We were then denied access to proof of the executive branch's explanations. That denial of access continues to this day.

Today, the executive branch continues its manipulation of the fears of the American people, using such irrational support in order to conduct its own exercises in secret (for our protection, of course). Such power has been pointed to as suspect by the so-called "conspiracy theorists" for decades.

The voices of reason have been told they are unreasonable.

Today, fear and deception have opened a door that perhaps cannot be shut again. Through that portal has walked the monster of tyranny who treads through our land with impunity. America will never leave the Middle East. It will never leave the land of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It will never remove its footprint from the land of Babylon and Mesopotamia.

If listened to carefully, the people can plainly hear the leaders explain why America can never leave the Middle East in spite of the enormous outcry of the public to do exactly that. "Vital U.S. interests" exist in Iraq and Iran. And history provides us not just an opportunity to see the decisions made by past executive branch leaders regarding America's "vital interests" in the Middle East, but also the actual words uttered by each president since Jimmy Carter's fateful declaration in January 1980 that committed the U.S. military to use deadly force in controlling the "vital interests" of the United States in the Middle East.

If examined closely, we see a government that is operating of its own volition, seeking to advance its own clandestine goals while ignoring the power of the people to remove it either through elections or impeachment.

Of course, the leaders of our nation understand something that seems to escape the sensibilities of most ordinary Americans. The people don't have the courage to remove elected leaders, even when faced with complete defiance of the will of the people. And the representatives of the people do not adequately and effectively represent the will of the people when the people oppose the president and his policies of war.

Similar to a pair of pants, the political system in America operates with two pockets of power. The not-so-secret dilemma the people find ourselves in is that regardless of the pocket into which we place money and support, the bottom line is that we are empowering the same pair of pants to walk all over us.

While Kucinich calls for the impeachment of the vice president, it is two Democrats (Pelosi and Conyers) who stand defiantly opposed to his effort and refuse to even allow it to come up for a vote.

While the Republican regime in the executive branch sacrifices tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives in a war that is completely built upon a mountain of lies and deception, it is a democratic congress that continues to fund and support the abuse of the military. It is the cowardice of congress that keeps U.S. troops coming home minus limbs and lives.

Meanwhile, the American people cry out in disapproval.

Now, the executive branch has targeted Oregon. Here is where more experimentation will take place. But will such exercises put Oregonians at risk? Who knows? Our members of Congress are prohibited access to classified information that concerns our state. DeFazio and others in Congress are being told by the White House that what it does is none of the peoples' business. It is yet another instance of being told by the executive branch to simply trust it.

And where are the other congressional delegates from Oregon in light of DeFazio's confrontation with the executive branch? Where is the support and solidarity from fellow members of the House and Senate?


It is clear the people cannot trust the executive branch in matters of national security, jurisprudence or merely to speak honestly about much of anything.

When the executive branch exercises were underway on September 11, 2001 to prevent a terrorist attack on the U.S. &

specifically a hijacking of passenger airliners &

coincidentally that is exactly what presumably occurred.

Previous to our own coincidence, the British also had one. Exercises in London, created to thwart a terrorist attack on subway trains, witnessed an actual attack that occurred presumably conducted by "real" terrorists.

The coincidences between our two nations continue throughout modern history with both the U.S. and Great Britain having conspired together to covertly overthrow Iran's democratic government and take over its oil industry through the auspices of a dictator in 1953. Both the U.S. and Great Britain were in support of an Iraqi dictator's invasion of Iran from 1980 - 88. Both the U.S. and Great Britain led the assault on Iraq after Bush (41) claimed America had "no opinion" on a pending invasion of Kuwait by Iraq that occurred a week after Bush denied having any interest. Both the U.S. and Great Britain have targeted "radical Islam" as a major threat to the peace of the world despite the fact that both the U.S. and Great Britain have been the aggressors in the Muslim world for more than a half-century!

Both the U.S. and Great Britain have earned harsh criticism by a great majority of nations of the world for the enormous amounts of violence our nations have perpetrated in the name of "peace and democracy." Of 192 member countries of the United Nations, the sheer number of "coincidences" between the U.S. and Great Britain do not exist between any other nations.

Given all of the history of deception within our ranks and the evidence of out-of-control executive and legislative branches of government, it is most definitely appropriate to consider the most relevant question of our time, uttered by Congressman Peter DeFazio.

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right."

Unfortunately, the very fact that this is still a question is clear evidence of the trouble awaiting the American people when the truth is finally revealed in totality. At that point, my uncle's axiom will have prophetic revelation. At that point, we will see clearly how our leaders were given the power to kill at will &


166; until they turned their aim upon the American people.

Of course, at that time all we can do is put up our hands.

If we are to change this otherwise inevitable course, it must be today. We can start by impeaching the current regime in the White House, and overhauling the loyal Bush-backers on both sides of the aisle in our House. We can do that by supporting only those candidates who state unequivocally that they will work tirelessly to bring all of our troops home immediately from the Middle East. Just that single resolve will serve to weed out 90 percent of all of our leaders regardless of political affiliation.

This country was given to the people, not its leaders. We elect servants to do our will, not force us into compliance of theirs.

When the servants refuse to obey, shouldn't we discontinue their service? Perhaps we can come to that widespread understanding before our servants inform us that they have become our captors.


is the author of, "The WHOLE Truth about the U.S. War on Terror: answers to every question you never knew to ask."