Inner Peace

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  • Exploring inherent value

    "I kept trying to make others see my worth instead of seeing it for myself."

  • Peace beyond aches, pains and illness

    How can one be in peace when one's body is racked with aches and pains or illness? For sure, it is very easy to verbalize or intellectualize about...

  • Unenforceable Rules

    Late last fall, while sweeping my very long driveway, I started wishing I had help with this tiresome task.

  • On the relevance of mysticism

    In broadest terms, a mystic is one who yearns for that which gives sense and meaning to life as we live it.

  • No mumbo jumbo here, part 2

    First, let me start off by telling you that this was not planned. I had no intention of writing a two-part article.

  • Lasting happiness

    You cannot have lasting happiness until you meet its conditions. It is directly tied to inner peace.

  • No mumbo jumbo here

    I went to visit a friend the other day that I hadn't seen in a while. He lives alone with a cat that he has had for some time.

  • Do you accommodate?

    "When you say Yes to others, make sure you aren't saying No to yourself."

  • The peace of being

    Be at peace. Being is always at peace, even your own being. Being is always here, always now, always at peace. Find peace in what is always at peace.

  • God as person

    This morning a little song came to me: "Me and you make two, made One in the Holy One. Me and you make two, made One in the Holy One."

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