• Uphonic SoundSystem at Lounge South - 04/17/2014

    Down-tempo electronic music, hip-hop and psychedelic rock characterize music by Ashland's Uphonic Soundsystem.

  • Jessica Fichot at Paschal Winery - 04/17/2014

    Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Jessica Fichot likens her music to her hometown of Paris: French at heart, but international at its soul.

  • Three Seven at Oberon's - 04/16/2014

    Third Seven is the solo project of Billy Mickelson that uses looped rhythms, vocals and cello in a variety of styles. Third Seven will perform at...

  • Jeff Stanley at The Wild Goose - 04/14/2014

    Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Stanley will play acoustic and electric versions of music from his newest album, "Doorways," at 8 p.m....

  • The Love and Stress Compound at Club 66 - 04/10/2014

    When Dusty York, singer and guitarist for Portland rockers Tiburona, decided to start The Love and Stress Compound, he didn't realize that the side...

  • Jesse Brewster at The Playwright - 04/10/2014

    Singer and songwriter Jesse Brewster plays a mix of guitar-driven rock 'n' roll and acoustic ballads.

  • The Shook Twins at Applegate Lodge - 04/10/2014

    Portland's Shook Twins play folk-infused pop music that ranges from acoustic ballads to rhythm-driven dance songs.

  • Party on High Street at Club 66 - 04/09/2014

    Victoria, B.C. band Party on High Street — Travis Charuk on guitar and vocals, Brin Porter on bass and vocals and Nick Houghton on...

  • Tony Smiley at Lounge South - 04/03/2014

    Multi-instrumentalist Tony Smiley is a one-man band.

  • El Radio Fantastique at Milagros - 04/03/2014

    Drawing influence from New Orleans jazz, El Radio Fantastique was born from a family narrative from the band's founder, Giovanni DiMorente.

  • Mamajowali at the Unitarian - 04/03/2014

    Mamajowali — string player and percussionist Joe Craven, kamale ngoni player Mamadour Sidibe and fingerstyle guitarist Walter Strauss —...

  • Blue Lotus at Club 66 - 03/27/2014

    Eugene's Blue Lotus creates a danceable and high-energy hybrid of rock, blues and funk music.

  • Marty O'Reilly at Caldera - 03/27/2014

    Singer and guitarist Marty O’Reilly plays a mix of Delta blues, American folk and gospel music.

  • Marmits at Club 66 - 03/26/2014

    Gresham's Marmits — Lester Godfrey on vocals and keyboards, Caprial Shapiro on guitar and vocals, Patriot Can' Bell on bass and vocals and...


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