Support vigil recalling Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Support vigil recalling Hiroshima, Nagasaki

In my opinion, one of the most noteworthy events happening in the summertime in our Valley is the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil, which takes place in downtown Ashland from Aug. 6 through 9.

I find the opening and closing ceremonies especially meaningful, and every year I learn something new from the excellent informational display set up on the Plaza. Our health and our global environment are threatened by the ongoing nuclear threat, and this beautifully done display provides us with important historical facts as well as information about the status of current legislation.

Besides learning a lot during the four days of the vigil, I enjoy the musical offerings and the crane folding. This is truly an important event and deserves our support.

Nancy Spencer


Israeli offensive is beyond understanding

The offensive that Israel is inflicting on the people of Gaza is outside the realm of understanding.

It is obviously a crime against humanity. It is difficult to believe a modern state could so horribly offend the conscience of the world.

Rockets are not the reason for this outrageous behavior. Rather the sad deaths of the three Israeli teenagers and the burning alive of the young Palestinian are but responses to the criminal assault on a helpless people who are living under a punishing Israeli occupation.

Rockets are an act of reprisal for the decades of suffering. When people are kept too long in bondage you can expect them to fight back. No other allied country but Israel could engage in this genocide without retribution from the world community.

Cynthia Zavatski


Thanks for pulling my truck out of the ditch

Thanks to the man in the Chevy truck who pulled my truck and trailer out of the ditch near the town of Applegate last Saturday after I was struck by another vehicle.

You not only helped me, but I'm sure you helped avert additional accidents that could have occurred with my trailer blocking the road on the blind corner. I appreciate your kindness.

Clayton Grier