Extension service is at risk; vote yes

Extension service is at risk; vote yes

After 100 years of cooperation, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners has decided to stop supporting our local agricultural extension service despite a greater than 800 percent return on investment.

In addition to the popular 4-H, Master Gardener and Small Farms programs, the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center provides critical public research and education supporting the health of our vineyard, orchard and forestry industries; all vital elements of our bucolic lifestyle. The Land Steward program is another invaluable resource to help us conserve and protect our natural resources and the ecosystem services provided by our diverse fauna and flora.

Fortunately, the citizens of Jackson County have an opportunity to sustain their investment in local extension services this month via Ballot Measure 15-121.

Pete Gonzalves, conservation chair, Siskiyou Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon

Eagle Point